Datacom | telecom

EDT’s datacom, telecom, radio, and broadcast video products are designed around a main-board/mezzanine board architecture that gives you the speed and flexibility you need. Choose the mezzanine board with the desired functionality, and a main board that fits your bus architecture, FPGA and memory requirements for the ideal solution for your complex signalling requirements.

Main, accelerator, & FPGA boards

Main boards have extensive FPGA resources, and can be used standalone as hardware accelerators, or paired with an EDT mezzanine board to provide specialized functions.

Communication - optical

Optical carrier interfaces for telecom standards and broadcast video, from multiple SONET OC and SDH STM standards to 10 gitabit ethernet.

Communication - electrical

Electrical carrier interfaces for datacom / telecom, supporting multiple standards including E3/T3, ECL, LVDS and RS422.

High-speed DMA & I/O boards

High-speed DMA supporting a variety of signal levels including E3/T3, ECL, LVDS, RS422, and synchronous serial.

Servers, recorders, expansion

Systems, servers, recorders and mass storage units, with the power and resources needed to run I/O-intensive applications in demanding environments.