edt_bitload.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Header file for declarations & defines related to loading the Xilinx bitfile.

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Data Structures

struct  _bitfile_list
struct  EdtBitfile
 Retrieve the possibilities for a particular board for UI bitfile. More...
struct  EdtBitfileHeader
struct  EdtBoardFpgas


#define ALT_INTERFACE   0
#define ALT_MEZZANINE   1
#define BFH_EXTRASIZE   128
#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_CH1   0x8
 programs ocm channel 1 if BITLOAD_FLAGS_OCM is set
 changes programming algorithm to program mezzanine boards.
#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_NOFS   0x1
 embedded for vxworks
#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_OCM   0x4
#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_OVR   0x2
 override gs/ss bitfile size constraint
#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_SLEEP   0x40
#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_SRXL   0x10
#define MAX_CHIPS_PER_ID   16


void bf_add_entry (EdtBitfileList *bf, EdtBitfileHeader *bfh)
int bf_allocate_max_buffer (EdtBitfileList *bf, EdtBitfile *data)
void bf_check_and_add (EdtBitfileList *bf, const char *fname)
void bf_destroy (EdtBitfileList *bf)
void bf_init (EdtBitfileList *bf)
int bitload_has_slashes (const char *name)
int edt_access_bitfile (const char *tmppath, int perm)
void edt_bitfile_destroy (EdtBitfile *bfd)
void edt_bitfile_init (EdtBitfile *bitfile)
int edt_bitfile_load_array (EdtBitfile *bfd, u_char *data, int size)
int edt_bitfile_load_file (EdtBitfile *bfd, const char *name)
int edt_bitfile_open_file (EdtBitfile *bfd, const char *name, u_char writing)
int edt_bitfile_read_header (const char *bitpath, EdtBitfileHeader *bfh, char *header)
int edt_bitload (EdtDev *edt_p, const char *basedir, const char *fname, int flags, int skip)
 Searches for and loads a gate array bit file into an EDT PCI board.
const char * edt_bitload_basedir (EdtDev *edt_p, const char *in, char *out)
void edt_bitload_devid_to_bitdir (int id, char *devdir)
int edt_bitload_from_prom (EdtDev *edt_p, u_int addr1, int size1, u_int addr2, int sized, int flags)
 Bitload from a given address in the PCI PROM.
int edt_get_bitfile_header (EdtBitfile *bp, EdtBitfileHeader *bfh)
int edt_get_bitfile_list (const char *basedir, const char *devdir, const char *fname, EdtBoardFpgas *fpga_list, int id, int channel, EdtBitfileList *bf, char *fpga_hint)
 Assumes bf has been initialized.
int edt_get_x_array_header (u_char *ba, char *header, int *size)
int edt_load_mezzfile (EdtDev *edt_p, const char *basedir, const char *bitname, int bitload_flags, int skip_load, int channel)
int edt_oc192_rev2_fname_hack (EdtDev *edt_p, const char *bitname, char *hacked_bitname)
 Appends a '2' to the bitname if the OC192 Mezzanine board rev is > 1.
int edt_program_mezzanine (EdtDev *edt_p, const u_char *buf, u_int size, int channel)
void ensure_bitfile_name (const char *name, char *bitname)


EdtBoardFpgas board_chips []
EdtBoardFpgas mezz_chips []

Define Documentation

#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_OCM   0x4



Definition at line 175 of file edt_bitload.h.

#define BITLOAD_FLAGS_SRXL   0x10



Definition at line 176 of file edt_bitload.h.

Function Documentation

int edt_access_bitfile ( const char *  path,
int  perm 

0 if bitfile available, including uncompressing analogous to edt_access

Definition at line 1257 of file edt_bitload.c.

int edt_oc192_rev2_fname_hack ( EdtDev edt_p,
const char *  bitname,
char *  hacked 

Appends a '2' to the bitname if the OC192 Mezzanine board rev is > 1.

edt_p The EDT board structure for the unit with the OC192 mezzanine attached.
hacked_bitname A string into which the new name will be put (should be at least 256 characters long).
bitname the generic bitfile name, with or without the absolute path.
0 on success, -1 on failure.

Definition at line 1162 of file edt_bitload.c.

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