serial_cmd.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Send commands to serial camera over AIA serial lines.

Primarily a utility program, and a bit complex for example code since it tries to address all number of serial methods. Nevertheless it does have usefulness as example code.

Copyright (c) 1998-2007, EDT, Inc.

Definition in file serial_cmd.c.

#include "edtinc.h"
#include "pciload.h"

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#define SERBUFSIZE   512


long ack_nak_str (u_char *buf, int n)
long isascii_str (u_char *buf, int n)
int main (int argc, char **argv)
long PdvSerialWriteRead (int argc, char *argv[], int unit, int hexin, int do_wait, int do_printflush, int inter, int timeout, int verbose, int baud, int readonly, int channel)
void print_ascii_string (char *buf)
int print_inter_help ()
void printify (u_char *buf, u_char *dest, int n, int show_nonprint)
void usage (char *err)


int basler_framing = 0
int duncan_framing = 0
int pnum = 0

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