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Detailed Description

A demo/test/diagnostic program that uses the EDT PCI DV (pdvlib) and DMA library (edtlib) to acquire and save single or multiple images from device connected to EDT PCI DV high speed interface.

The utility has a large number of options for different ways of acquiring and saving data, tuning the acquire in various ways, and testing and diagnosing acquisition problems. Some of the methods used are quite esoteric, some are obsolete for current hardware but remain for historic purposes. As a result, take is primarily a test/diagnostic application and while the code can be referred to for examples of various methods, it is not really the best example code for user applications. For more useful sample code, see simple_take.c, simplest_take.c and the users guide.

(C) 1997-2013 Engineering Design Team, Inc.

Definition in file take.c.

#include "edtinc.h"

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#define ENDSIG   0x5a
#define FOURGB   ((double) (0x1000000) * 16.0)
#define STARTSIG   0xa5


void crop_and_subsample (int subsample, int src_width, int src_height, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, u_char *src, u_char *dst)
void dumpbuf (char *name, u_short *buf, int size)
int get_usps_lines_xferred (PdvDev *pdv_p, int buffer)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
void resolve_fname (char *fname, char *newname, int loops, char *ext)
int take_printf (char *format,...)
int write_bmp_file (char *tmpname, u_char *image_p, int s_width, int s_height, int s_depth)


int ASinc = 1
int ASnum = 0
char cmdstr [80]
int GetOut = 0

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