EDT PCD SDK Documentation 6.1.0
DMA Initialization
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int edt_bitload (EdtDev edt_p, const char *basedir, const char *fname, int flags, int skip)

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int edt_bitload ( EdtDev  edt_p,
const char *  basedir,
const char *  fname,
int  flags,
int  skip 

Searches for and loads a FPGA bit file into an EDT board. Searches under <basedir>/bitfiles/xxx, or if a PDV board, in the appropriate sub-directory. Quits after the first successful load.

edt_pThe open EDT device handle.
basedirBase directory to start looking for the file.
fnameName of the bitfile to load.
flagsMisc flag bits – should be combination of BITLOAD_FLAGS_*. (This variable was formerly rcam which is obsolete.)
skipIf nonzero, don't actually load the file, just find the files (debugging).
0 on success, -1 on failure.