EDT PDV SDK Documentation 6.1.0
pdv_initcam.h File Reference

(git 4d191e5, 2024-02-14)

EDT frame grabber initialization utilities. More...

#include "edtinc.h"
#include "pdv_dependent.h"
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Data Structures

struct  serial_init_node
struct  Edtinfo


typedef struct serial_init_node SerialInitNode


enum  serial_tag


int pdv_readcfg (const char *cfgfile, PdvDependent dd_p, Edtinfo *ei_p)
 Reads configuration file and fills in the dependent and edtinfo structures based on the information in the file. These structures can then be passed in to pdv_initcam() to initialize the board and camera. More...
int pdv_printcfg (PdvDependent dd_p)
 Print the contents of the dependent structure. More...
int pdv_initcam (PdvDev edt_p, PdvDependent dd_p, int unit, Edtinfo *ei_p, const char *cfgfname, char *bitdir, int pdv_debug)
 Initializes the frame grabber and sets the expected camera configuration. This is the "guts" of the initcam CLI application that gets executed to initialize when you choose a camera. The library subroutine is provided for programmers who wish to incorporate the initialization procedure into their own applications. More...

Detailed Description

EDT frame grabber initialization utilities.

Typedef Documentation

◆ SerialInitNode

Contains information relating to serial nodes.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ serial_tag

enum serial_tag

Enum for serial tagging options.

Function Documentation

◆ pdv_printcfg()

int pdv_printcfg ( PdvDependent  dd_p)

Print the contents of the dependent structure.

dd_pPointer to a persistent dependent structure; previously allocated with pdv_alloc_dependent() and initialized with pdv_readcfg().
the size of the dependent structure provided.
See also
pdv_initcam() within pdv_initcam.c and pdv_initcam.h
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