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Camera Link Simulator Library header file, for use with PCI DV CLS and PCIe DV C-Link with Simulator FPGA loaded.

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#define PDV_CLS_DEFAULT_FREQ   20.0
#define PDV_CLS_DEFAULT_HGAP   300
#define PDV_CLS_DEFAULT_HGAP   300
#define PDV_CLS_DEFAULT_VGAP   400
#define PDV_CLS_DEFAULT_VGAP   400


int pdv_cls_dep_sanity_check (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Checks for inconsistencies in the configuration (stub).
void pdv_cls_dump_geometry (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Prints board geometry only to stdout.
void pdv_cls_dump_state (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Prints the board state to stdout.
double pdv_cls_frame_time (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Computes and returns the frame time in milliseconds.
int pdv_cls_get_hgap (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Computes the horizontal gap value based on the difference between active clocks (hblank) and the total clocks.
int pdv_cls_get_vgap (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Computes the vertical gap value based on the difference between active lines(vblank) and the total lines.
void pdv_cls_init_serial (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Re-intializes and enables the serial communication.
void pdv_cls_set_clock (EdtDev *edt_p, double freq)
 Set the clock frequency (MHz).
void pdv_cls_set_datacnt (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Enables / disables internal image data generation.
int pdv_cls_set_dep (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Initializes simulator values based on PdvDependent structure in pdv_p.
void pdv_cls_set_depth (PdvDev *pdv_p, int value)
void pdv_cls_set_fill (PdvDev *pdv_p, u_char left, u_char right)
 Sets the left and right fill values when READVAL is set.
void pdv_cls_set_firstfc (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Enables / disables frame count in the first word of each frame.
void pdv_cls_set_height (PdvDev *pdv_p, int rasterlines, int vblank)
 Set the height of outgoing frames, as well as the number of lines (vgap) between lines.
void pdv_cls_set_intlven (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Enables or disables four-tap interleaving.
void pdv_cls_set_led (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Controls state of the board's green LED.
void pdv_cls_set_line_timing (PdvDev *pdv_p, int width, int taps, int Hfvstart, int Hfvend, int Hlvstart, int Hlvend, int Hrvstart, int Hrvend)
 Set the values for frame valid (FVAL), line valid (LVAL), and read valid (RVAL) timing.
void pdv_cls_set_linescan (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 When set, once the start-of-frame conditions are met, the simulator runs forever, emulating a linescan camera (as if the total vertical active and total vertical count maximum were set to infinity.
void pdv_cls_set_lvcont (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Enables / disables line valid timing during vertical blanking.
void pdv_cls_set_readvalid (PdvDev *pdv_p, u_short HrvStart, u_short HrvEnd)
 Sets the horizontal start and end positions of the ReadValid signal.
void pdv_cls_set_rven (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Enables or disables ReadValid Enable (RVEN).
void pdv_cls_set_size (PdvDev *pdv_p, int taps, int depth, int width, int height, int hblank, int totalwidth, int vblank, int totalheight)
 Set the width and height of the simulator frame.
void pdv_cls_set_smallok (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Sets simulator FIFO for small (less than 16KB) images.
void pdv_cls_set_trigframe (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Set to enable frame-valid triggering.
void pdv_cls_set_trigline (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Set to enable line-valid triggering.
void pdv_cls_set_trigpol (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Sets the trigger polariry.
void pdv_cls_set_trigsrc (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Selects which input pins to look at for external trigger.
void pdv_cls_set_uartloop (PdvDev *pdv_p, int state)
 Enables or disables UART looping (echo) of serial data.
void pdv_cls_set_width (PdvDev *pdv_p, int width, int hblank)
 Set the width of outgoing lines, as well as the number of clocks (hgap) between lines.
void pdv_cls_set_width_lval_rval (PdvDev *pdv_p, int width, int hblank, int hlvstart, int hlvend, int hrvstart, int hrvend)
 Set the width of outgoing lines, as well as the number of clocks (hgap) between lines and start and end of line valid and read valid.
void pdv_cls_setup_interleave (PdvDev *pdv_p, short tap0start, short tap0delta, short tap1start, short tap1delta, short tap2start, short tap2delta, short tap3start, short tap3delta)
 Sets the start address and delta for each tap.
void pdv_cls_sim_start (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Clears the CFG register including the FIFO_RESET bit (bit 3, 0x08) which clears the fifo and starts the simulator.
void pdv_cls_sim_stop (PdvDev *pdv_p)
 Sets the CFG register FIFO_RESET bit (bit 3, 0x08) which stops the simulator.
void pe8dvcls_set_clock (EdtDev *pdv_p, double freq)
 Set si570 clock speed in microseconds.

Function Documentation

void pe8dvcls_set_clock ( PdvDev pdv_p,
double  target 

Set si570 clock speed in microseconds.

Not to be called directly -- use pdv_cls_set_clock()

pdv_p pointer to pdv device structure returned by pdv_open
target clock speed in microseconds (ALERT CHECK THIS)

Definition at line 826 of file clsim_lib.c.

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