pdv_initcam.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Functions to initialize the device driver, EDT digital video board, and camera device.

(C) 1997-2007 Engineering Design Team, Inc.

Definition in file pdv_initcam.c.

#include "edtinc.h"
#include "libedt_timing.h"
#include "pdv_irig.h"

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#define BITLOAD   "./bitload"


int async_bitfile (EdtDev *edt_p)
u_char atoxdigit (char ch)
void check_camera_values (EdtDev *ed, Dependent *dd_p)
int check_roi (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, int ena)
void check_terminator (char *str)
void dep_wait (EdtDev *edt_p)
void dir_from_path (char *dirstr, const char *pathstr)
void do_xregwrites (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p)
int findid (char *str, char *idstr)
void fname_from_path (char *fname, char *pathstr)
int get_prom_addrs (char *str, u_int *addr1, int *size1, u_int *addr2, int *size2)
char * grepit (char *buf, char *pat)
int init_serial (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, Edtinfo *ei_p)
int init_serial_ascii (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, int delay, char *serial_init)
int init_serial_basler_binary (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, int delay, char *serial_init)
int init_serial_binary (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, int delay, char *serial_init)
int init_serial_duncan_binary (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, int delay, char *serial_init)
int is_hex_byte_command (char *str)
int kodak_query_serial (EdtDev *edt_p, char *cmd, int *val)
Dependentpdv_alloc_dependent ()
 Allocates a dependent structure, for use by pdv_readcfg and pdv_initcam, and checks for and reports error conditions as a result of the alloc.
int pdv_channel_initialized (int unit, int channel)
int pdv_initcam (EdtDev *pdv_p, Dependent *dd_p, int unit, Edtinfo *ei_p, const char *cfgfname, char *bitdir, int pdv_debug)
 Initializes the framegrabber board and camera.
int pdv_initcam_load_bitfile (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, int unit, char *bitdir, const char *cfgfname)
int pdv_initcam_reset_camera (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p, Edtinfo *ei_p)
void pdv_initcam_set_rci (EdtDev *edt_p, int rci_unit)
void propeller_sleep (int n)
int send_xilinx_commands (EdtDev *edt_p, char *str)
char * serial_tx_rx (PdvDev *pdv_p, char *command, int hexin)
void setup_cl2_simulator (EdtDev *edt_p, Dependent *dd_p)
int specinst_download (EdtDev *edt_p, char *fname)
int specinst_setparams (EdtDev *edt_p, char *fname)
char * strip_crlf (char *str)
long stx_etx_str (u_char *buf, int n)


char scRetStr [256]

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