_PdvDependent Struct Reference

#include <pdv_dependent.h>

Detailed Description

The PdvDependent structure holds PDV specific information inside the PdvDev structure.

In the PDV software package, the file edtinc.h defines the type Dependent to be PdvDependent.

For portability, we strongly recommend using the EDT Digital Imaging Library calls rather than accessing the structure elements directly.

Definition at line 117 of file pdv_dependent.h.

Data Fields

int acquire_mult
int aperture
int aperture_max
int aperture_min
int binx
int biny
int byteswap
int cam_height
int cam_width
int camera_binning
char camera_class [CAMCLASSLEN]
char camera_command_file [KBSFNAMELEN]
int camera_continuous
int camera_data_rate
int camera_download
char camera_download_file [KBSFNAMELEN]
char camera_info [MAXSER *2]
char camera_model [MAXSER]
int camera_shutter_speed
int camera_shutter_timing
int cameralink
int cameratest
char cameratype [CAMNAMELEN]
char cfgname [FNAMELEN]
int cl_cfg
int cl_cfg2
int cl_channels
int cl_data_path
int cl_hmax
ClSimControl cls
u_int cnt_continuous
u_char config_reg
int continuous
u_char datapath_reg
int dbl_trig
int default_aperture
int default_gain
int default_offset
int default_shutter_speed
int depth
int direction
int dis_shutter
int disable_mdout
int double_rate
int dual_channel
int enable_dalsa
int enddma
int extdepth
int fieldid_trig
int first_open
int fixedlen
int flushdma
char foi_init [OLDMAXINIT]
char foi_remote_rbtfile [FNAMELEN]
int foi_unit
int force_single
int frame_delay
int frame_height
int frame_period
int frame_timing
int framesync_mode
int fv_once
int fval_done
int gain
int gain_frontp
int gain_max
int gain_min
int gendata
int genericsim
int get_aperture
int get_gain
int get_offset
int hactv
int header_dma
int header_offset
int header_position
int header_size
int header_type
int height
int hskip
int htaps
int hwinterlace
int hwpad
char idstr [FNAMELEN]
int image_depth
int image_offset
int imagesize
int interlace
char interlace_module [FNAMELEN]
int interlace_offset
PdvInterleaveTap intlv_taps [MAX_INTLV_TAPS]
int inv_fvalid
int inv_ptrig
int inv_shutter
u_char irig_offset
u_char irig_raw
u_char irig_slave
int kbs_green_pixel_first
int kbs_red_row_first
int last_close
u_char * last_image
u_char * last_raw
int level
int line_delay
int linerate
int lock_shutter
int markbin
int markras
int markrasx
int markrasy
int mask
int maxdmasize
int mc4
int mode16
int mode_cntl_norm
int n_intlv_taps
int offset_frontp
int offset_max
int offset_min
int pause_for_serial
int pclock_speed
int photo_trig
int pingpong_varsize
int pulnix
int rascnt
char rbtfile [FNAMELEN]
int register_wrap
int rgb30
int roi_enabled
int sel_mc4
int serial_baud
char * serial_binit
char serial_binning [MAXSER]
char serial_exposure [MAXSER]
int serial_format
char serial_gain [MAXSER]
char serial_init [OLDMAXINIT]
int serial_init_delay
int serial_mode
char serial_offset [MAXSER]
char serial_prefix [MAXSER]
int serial_respcnt
char serial_response [MAXSER]
char serial_term [MAXSER]
int serial_timeout
char serial_trigger [MAXSER]
u_int serial_waitc
int set_aperture
int set_gain
int set_offset
int shift
int shortswap
int shutter_speed
int shutter_speed_frontp
int shutter_speed_max
int shutter_speed_min
u_int sim_ctl
int sim_enable
int sim_height
int sim_speed
int sim_width
int skip
int slop
int start_delay
int startdma
int started
int started_continuous
int startup_delay
int strobe_count
int strobe_enabled
int strobe_interval
int swinterlace
int timeout
int timeout_multiplier
int trig_pulse
int trigdiv
int user_timeout
int user_timeout_set
int util2
int vactv
int variable_size
int vskip
int vtaps
int width
u_char xilinx_flag [MAXXIL]
char xilinx_init [OLDMAXINIT]
int xilinx_opts
int xilinx_rev
u_char xilinx_value [MAXXIL]

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