EDT PDV SDK Documentation 6.1.0
libedt_timing.h File Reference

(git 924ad57, 2023-10-04)

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Data Structures

struct  _ts_raw_t


#define PDV_IRIG_SPI_BASE   0xb1


typedef struct _ts_raw_t ts_raw_t


EdtDev edt_spi_open (const char *edt_interface, int unit, u_int spi_reg_base)
 Opens the EDT SPI master. More...
int edt_spi_close (EdtDev edt_p)
 Closes the SPI master EDT device handle. More...
int edt_spi_set_base_address (EdtDev edt_p, uint32_t spi_reg_base)
 Set the base address of the SPI interface used with EDT (IRIG) timing functions. More...
int edt_set_timecode_enable (EdtDev edt_p, u_char enable)
 Enable or disable timecode production from the MSP430. More...
void edt_set_msp430_clock (EdtDev edt_p, int clock_sel, int clock_hz)
 Select an internal or external clock source for the MSP430 and state the clock rate. More...
void edt_set_timecode_raw (EdtDev edt_p, int enable)
 Enable or disable raw timecode format from the MSP430. More...
void edt_set_timecode_seconds_offset (EdtDev edt_p, u_int seconds)
 Set a seconds offset for timecode production. More...
void edt_enable_timecode_programmable_year (EdtDev edt_p, u_short year)
 Enable the msp430 IRIG-B firmware programmable year mode and set the year. More...
void edt_disable_timecode_programmable_year (EdtDev edt_p)
 Disable the msp430 IRIG-B firmware programmable year mode. More...
u_char edt_spi_get_stat (EdtDev edt_p)
 Returns the value of the EDT SPI status register. More...
void edt_spi_display_time (EdtDev edt_p, int loops)
 Prints the timecode in ascii once per second for N loops. More...
int edt_get_timecode_version (EdtDev edt_p)
 Get the msp430 IRIG-B firmware version. More...
int edt_spi_invoke_flash_loader (EdtDev edt_p)
 Puts the EDT SPI msp430 into flash-loader mode. More...
u_char edt_spi_get_byte (EdtDev edt_p)
 Polls the EDT SPI master for a single byte. More...
u_char edt_spi_put_byte (EdtDev edt_p, u_char ch)
 Sends one byte to the EDT SPI master. More...
void edt_spi_flush_fifo (EdtDev edt_p)
 Flushes the EDT SPI input and output fifos, discarding all data. More...
char * edt_spi_putstr (EdtDev edt_p, char *const str)
 Send a single line of ascii string to the msp430 over SPI. More...
void edt_spi_send_packet (EdtDev edt_p, u_char *cmdbuf)
 After a packet-start byte is received, call this routine to input the packet and check the CRC. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for retrieving IRIG timecode information from EDT boards.

Macro Definition Documentation



Timing register offset for SRXL-2



Timing register offset for Visionlink F1



Timing register offset for Visionlink F4



Timing register offset for S5



Timing register offset for A5/TacWrap


#define PDV_IRIG_SPI_BASE   0xb1

(compatibility) Timing register offset for VL F1/F4

Typedef Documentation

◆ ts_raw_t

typedef struct _ts_raw_t ts_raw_t

Raw timecode format

Function Documentation

◆ edt_spi_set_base_address()

int edt_spi_set_base_address ( EdtDev  edt_p,
uint32_t  spi_reg_base 

Set the base address of the SPI interface used with EDT (IRIG) timing functions.

edt_pEDT device handle to update.
spi_reg_baseSets unit spi register base address.
0 if successful
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