Cables & Adapters

for Camera Link products

Standard Camera Link cables

We can provide other lengths or configurations on request, or contact a cable assembly provider such as 3MNortech Systems / Intercon 1Gore, and Technical Cable Concepts.

Fiber-optic cables

EDT stocks the following cables for use with EDT fiber-optic extenders and frame grabbers, including the VisionLink RCX, RCX C-Link, and FOX series products:

  • _fiber_connector016-02100-xx  Cable Assy, LC Duplex, 62.5/125µ MMF 6′
  • 016-02101-xx  Cable Assy, LC Duplex, 62.5/125µ MMF 200′

Important: These cables are for EDT fiberoptic products that are equipped with standard 850 nm transceivers. For different wavelengths, lengths, specific jackets, bulkhead connectors, and other special fiber requirements, provide us with the details and we can provide a quote, or contact a fiberoptic assembly provider directly such as Borg TechnologiesCypress Industries, and Molex.

Adapter cables for VisionLink RCX and RCX C-Link extenders

EDT’s fiber-optic extenders are designed to plug directly into cameras and framegrabbers that use standard MDR 26 connectors. The adapter cables below are provided for situations where that is not possible, for example due to interference with other connectors, close tolerances, high vibration environments, or use with SDR-equipped devices (including EDT VisionLink series framegrabber boards).

Other adapters