Support Contracts

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance includes all new releases of the covered software product and associated documentation. For board level products only, customers with multiple boards may purchase one update and distribute the software to all their sites.

Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance is provided on a customer-assisted basis. EDT analyzes the problem with the customer over the telephone. If the EDT product requires replacement, EDT ships a replacement product via overnight delivery service. The customer must return the defective product promptly using the same delivery service. On-site service is available only at the System Integration Support Services rates.

System Integration Support Services

EDT system integration support is offered to customers needing assistance integrating EDT products in their systems. Support may be but is not limited to custom driver modifications, FCode, hardware interfaces, or customer application programming. *Travel expenses billed separately at cost. Three levels of support are available:

  • 8 hour turnaround on 130 hours of support
  • 24 hour turnaround on 65 hours of support
  • 48 hour turnaround on non-contract support

For current pricing information, fill out a Sales Request Form and ask for Maintenance support contract information and pricing.