Custom Development

New product development, product customization, and DSP design services

New product development

New product development
EDT has an expert history of creating and manufacturing custom products. We have designed everything from PCI/PCIe interface and FPGA boards to complete system solutions, including very elaborate systems with literally hundreds of FPGAs and extremely fast storage systems. We also design applicable application and driver software. Continue reading

Product customization

Existing product customization
EDT has extensive experience in modifying our COTS products for custom needs. We can take existing products and change the interfaces, upgrade the FPGAs, add memory, write VHDL code for signal processing / application code, or do virtually anything else you need done. Continue reading

Design services for DSP

DSP Design Services
EDT offers full FPGA-based design, development, and integration services for digital signal processing (DSP) and digital communications systems. Applications include multirate, multichannel designs; wideband / multichannel software-defined radio (SDR); high-speed filtering; adaptive signal processing; and real-time signal acquisition and analysis.... Read more »