Main boards

PCI/PCIe main boards are paired with a PMC mezzanine board to support various interface types

PCIe8 LX Main board

PCIe8 LX Main Board

Xilinx Virtex 5 LX or FX FPGA
The PCIe8 LX is a fast, flexible x8 PCI Express board with large memory and FPGA resources, making it an ideal choice as a hardware accelerator. It also has PCIe DMA capabilities and can be used as a base board... Read more »

PCI GS Main board

PCI GS Main Board

Xilinx Virtex II Pro XC2VP50 FPGA
The PCI GS is a PCI main board that provides powerful high-speed DMA, memory, and programmable FPGA resources. It is designed to support any one of numerous EDT mezzanine boards. The PCI GS has a programmable FPGA (Xilinx Virtex II... Read more »