Camera Link extenders

Camera Link to fiber-optic extenders for base through 80-bit modes

VisionLink XF Camera Link Fiberoptic Extenders

VisionLink XF

Camera Link to fiber extender | base to 80-bit modes
The VisionLink XF is a remote extender for Camera Link base through extended full mode, over fiberoptic cabling. The camera can be tens to thousands of meters from the host computer, depending on the cabling and transceivers. The VisionLink XF... Read more »

VisionLink RCX fiberoptic Extenders for Base mode Camera Link

VisionLink RCX

Camera Link to fiber extender | base mode
The VisionLink RCX replaces standard base mode Camera Link cabling with fiberoptic, extending the Camera Link range far beyond the limits of electrical cabling. Similar in size to a standard Camera Link connector, the VisionLink RCX modules support data rates... Read more »