Edgepoint AI

Xavier NX Carrier | Camera Link | RF (Radio Frequency) | Telecom

A highly configurable Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX carrier designed to get your AI applications running quickly. Edgepoint AI easily pairs with any of EDT’s RF, optical, telecom or Camera Link solutions for lab development and/or deployment.

In the Lab: Use the Edgepoint AI in the lab to prototype, verify, or test your machine learning (ML) data models or AI applications. Easily swap out I/O endpoints via the PCI express (PCIe8) slot that pairs seamlessly with EDT’s radio frequency (RF), telecom (SDH / SONET / OTN), vision (Camera Link) solutions. Edgepoint AI also features a variety of standard I/O interfaces including MIPI, Ethernet, USB, and M-2 form factor expansion.

Deploy at the Edge: Add an enclosure for use in the field OR Utilize EDT’s 35+ years of hardware design expertise to re-factor and reduce SWaP to create a specific hardware endpoint to match your use-case with a seamless software experience.

In the Lab or at the Edge…The Edgepoint AI Pipeline Software allows you to visualize, manage and easily create AI pipelines and dynamically configure and load your data models. Control and rapidly change your AI pipelines and configurations remotely for a fully dynamic intelligent edge.

Edgepoint AI is the right solution for your industrial vision, UAV, telecom, RF, SIGINT, or commercial applications.

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