Design services for DSP

DSP Design Services

EDT offers full FPGA-based design, development, and integration services for digital signal processing (DSP) and digital communications systems. Applications include multirate, multichannel designs; wideband / multichannel software-defined radio (SDR); high-speed filtering; adaptive signal processing; and real-time signal acquisition and analysis.

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  • Analysis, modeling, and FPGA based implementation of digital communication systems
  • Algorithm development
  • DSP IP development / integration

  • MathWorks Matlab / Simulink
  • Altera DSP Builder
  • Xilinx System Generator
  • Xilinx Vivado HLS (C to HDL)
  • C, M-code, Verilog, VHDL

Custom functions
  • Multirate filters
  • Up / down converters
  • Arbitrary resamplers
  • Adaptive equalizers
  • Timing / carrier recovery loops


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