Combo 3 – changes to E1 support

_pciss_combo38/12/2009: The E1 line interface unit (LIU) on the original Combo 3 mezzanine board is being retired because of parts discontinuance by suppliers. We wanted to let you know about this change and how we are supporting our customers who use this board.

First, we are now offering a new, lower-cost version of the board, identical to the original except without E1 support. We encourage you to consider switching to this “no E1” version, at a price lower than that of the original board.

Second, we still have parts available to fulfill reduced order levels of the original Combo 3 with E1 support. However, if you foresee an increased need for this board, let us know and we’ll research options to support that need for you.

For pricing and availability, contact sales.
For details on the updated product, see the Combo3 product page.
For technical support or information, contact tech support.

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