Driver Release v6.0

We are excited to announce the release of version 6.0 of our PCI driver package. This release includes major improvements and breaking changes to our 5.x driver package. These changes include:

  • A simplified, lightweight package – The size of the package has been reduced to include only relevant and updated libraries and code examples. Firmware is no longer included by default and are separate .deb/.rpm packages that can be sent upon request.
  • A modern build system – Our driver and libraries are now built with CMake.
  • Open source licensing – Our Linux driver is now licensed as GNU GPL 2.0 and our user space libraries and applications are BSD 3-clause.
  • Deprecated legacy product support – Support for our legacy products has been deprecated. These products will continue to be minimally supported by our 5.x, bi-annual driver package releases. A complete listing of products supported by the 6.0 package is listed here.
  • Deprecated support for legacy OS’s – The driver will no longer support Solaris, VxWorks, Apple, pre-3.10 Linux kernels, and Windows prior to version 10.
  • Deprecated support for 32bit Windows – The driver will only support 64bit Windows systems.

Our team is happy to support your transition to this new version of the driver. Please send your questions to

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