“Configurable I/O meets inference at the edge”

Engineering Design Team (EDT), a leader in high-speed I/O interfaces, brings the power of machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) inference to the edge with edgepoint.ai. This highly configurable platform pairs EDT’s I/O expertise with a NVidia Jetson Xavier NX to get the intelligence you need, when and how you need it. Make your vision, telecom or radio frequency (RF) applications smarter and more efficient at the edge by augmenting them with machine learning capability. The edgepoint.ai comes standard with NVMe storage, and pairs seamlessly with EDT’s Camera Link, 10GbE, VITA-49, RF interfaces, or your own custom interface via a Gen 3 PCIe slot. EDT’s AI pipeline software makes integration, and experimentation with your data pipelines and AI models simple and dynamic. Change the type of I/O, preprocessing or data model without having to change platforms each time. Build new or integrate with existing systems to add more intelligent analysis, capture, and/or survey capabilities. Whether you’re creating a prototype in the lab or deploying at the edge the edgepoint.ai is an all-in-one solution that can be fully and easily integrated into your data path. Edgepoint.ai is manufactured in the US and EDT prides itself in high quality engineering. With over 35 years of design services experience we can also make custom modifications to meet your exact specifications. Contact us to schedule a demo or find out how edgepoint.ai can add the power of machine learning to your application.

Learn more about edgepoint.ai here.

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