Version and software released for EDT board level products

2016/02/22: Versions and software/driver packages for EDT imaging, telemetry and telecom boards have been released.

Changes in PCD (telemetry/telecom) packages include updated FPGA configuration files for PCIe8 G3 A5 and PCIe8 G3 S5 high-speed communication interface boards.

Changes in PDV (Vision / digital imaging) packages include a recommended FPGA configuration file update for VisionLink boards, to accomodate non-aligned DVAL signals, intermittent serial hang problems, board shutter timer off-by-one problem. Additionally, all versions include incremental improvements to pciload and other utilities — see the changelogs for details.

In addition to the above, version Windows packages include changes necessary to fix a digital signature issue that was causing Windows to block version package and driver downloads. The digital signature was not compromised, but a change to the Windows signature check (now requires SHA256 encryption) was causing issues with downloads for some customers.

Version Linux packages are not subject to Windows digital signatures, therefore there is no update for Linux versions of the packages.

Downloads and changelogs are available on the download hub.