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Welcome to our new website!

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If you’ve visited our website before, you’ve probably noticed some significant changes. With the launch of our updated site, we’ve moved to a faster server, updated to a modern platform, improved navigation and other features, and updated the overall look… Read more »

Reed-Solomon Encoding/Decoding

EDT currently supports Reed-Solomon error correction on the PCI SS/GS SSE (synchronous serial ECL).  Frame synchronizer: 32-bit frame sync pattern; 32-bit frame sync mask; flexible framing with up to 15 check frames; up to 15 flywheel frames.  Reed-Solomon error correction or custom (n,k) block: CCSDS Reed-Solomon (255,223)… Read more »

RoHS Compliance

EDT is committed to its customers in the European Union as well as to a clean and healthy environment. We are therefore phasing out our use of certain hazardous substances targeted by the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)… Read more »