EDT introduces VisionLink series products for Camera Link PCIe Gen2

2014/03/08: EDT has introduced VisionLink – a new line of Camera Link PCIe Gen2 frame grabbers and extenders featuring SDR26 connectors.

VisionLink series framegrabbers

VisionLink frame grabbers (20-85 MHz) are half-height boards with full or half-height backpanels, optional IRIG-B handling, and compatibility with EDT fiber- optic extenders, including the VisionLink RCX.

The low-cost 1-lane VisionLink F1 frame grabber is for base mode (up to 400MB/s).

The maximum-performance 4-lane VisionLink F4 frame grabber is for base through extended full mode (up to 850MB/s).

The 20-85MHz VisionLink RCX extender is for extending Camera Link over fiber (up to 100km).

Common API and full SDK are included for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Engineer-to-engineer support is available.

VisionLink F1 product page
VisionLink F4 product page