EDT introduces VisionLink XF: Camera Link fiber-optic extender for base through 80-bit mode

2016/09/21: EDT announces its new Camera Link fiber-optic extender, VisionLink XF, for base through 80-bit mode. The new extender, like the recently-released VisionLink RCX for base mode only, supports 20-85 MHz and transfers real-time image data to a host computer over distances of tens to thousands of meters.

“The new VisionLink XF improves on our previous full-mode solution by supporting up to 85 MHz via two extenders and one duplex fiberoptic cable,” explains EDT Field Application Engineer Cliff Hayes.

Like all EDT extenders, the VisionLink XF supports triggering / serial via Camera Link or externally via an optional Lemo connector. The extenders work in pairs, joined by fiberoptic cabling: one extender connects to the camera and the other to an EDT or third-party frame grabber, forming a fiber-optic extension system.

All EDT fiber extension products allow Camera Link cabling to be replaced with fiber-optic, enabling remote operation and providing electrical isolation of the camera from the host computer.