EDT fiber-optic extenders plug directly into Camera Link devices, replacing electrical cables with fiber

VisionLink RCX Camera Link Fiberoptic Extenders2016/04/04: EDT’s fiber-optic extenders plug directly into Camera Link devices through the MDR connectors (or, for devices using SDR connectors, the extenders can be connected via adapter cables). Camera Link cabling then can be replaced with fiber, allowing a camera to be located tens, hundreds, or thousands of meters from the host computer.

The VisionLink RCX extender, for base mode, supports the full Camera Link pixel clock range of 20-85 MHz via 1.25-3.2Gb/s SFP fiber-optic transceivers.

The VisionLink XF extender, for medium through extended full mode, is in development.

VisionLink-series extenders are compatible with all other EDT extension products (including the original RCX C-Link fiber extender) and all EDT frame grabbers, as well as with third-party frame grabbers.


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