About AIA

AIA stands for Automated Imaging Association and also for the parallel digital interface standard initially developed for the MEGAPLUS camera series by Kodak (Redlake, Princeton Instruments, IDT), then subsequently adopted by other digital camera manufacturers. The AIA organization administers the AIA specification. EDT’s legacy AIA boards – for example, PCI DV, PCI DVK, and PCI DVa – were designed to support LVDS and RS-422 AIA cameras.

More recently, the Camera Link specification has been adopted by most manufacturers. Like the earlier AIA specification, the Camera Link specification also is administered by the AIA organization; see their website at www.visiononline.org.

AIA Standard Designation BSR/AIA A15.08/3-199X
Title Automated Vision Components – Cameras – AIA Monochrome Digital Interface Specification
Available from Automated Imaging Association, 900 Victors Way/P.O. Box 3724, Ann Arbor, MI 48106(313) 994-6088