Coaxial Cables for RCX C-Link Coax Products

For information about coaxial cables from EDT, use this form. Be sure to specify length needed and any other special requirements.

Cable adapters

Coax2 extenders don’t have thumbscrews; therefore an alternate method is needed to secure the module to the camera / framegrabber. One method is to make a bracket of some kind that takes advantage of the 4-40 threaded mounting holes on the top of the case. Or order the special adapter cable below.

  • _clink_adapter016-03946-xx  Cable Assy-rcxc-link Coax2 adapter, 0.5 meter (3M) — adapter cable for the Coax2 — comes with screws that secure the Coax2 to the cable and, and thence to the device.

A variety of other Camera Link cables and adapters may be purchased directly from the manufacturers, including: