PDV Changelog

Change Log for EDT PCI DV Software/Driver Package

V6.x.x ChangeLog

(For Linux device drivers, see also CHANGELOG_LINUX.txt and README.lnx.pkg.reqs)

Version Notes
* NOTE: Windows Versions 5.x are the new WDF drivers, designed for Win XP/32,
Vista/32&64 Win7/32&64. Always use a 5.x driver for Vista or Win7/8/10 or
any new installation
* Linux Versions 5.x use our updated package build and support the latest
Linux kernels

BE SURE you are using the correct driver for your operating system version:
* If you have applications built with XP/32 using 4.x packages, install the
matching 4.x driver package
* For new installations, or any installation where third-party software is or
can be recompiled/re-linked with newer EDT libs, use the latest 5.x package

V. LTS 11/30/2023 release
– added support for ARM GCC 10
– updated tiffs-4.0.3 Operating System recognition files
– added support for Linux kernel 6.5.x

V. LTS 06/09/2023 release
– added support for GCC 13
– updated EDT_driver_compilation.log entry addition
– removing experimental pagecache clear from edt_map_buffer()
instead, if necessary, use “echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches”; not recommended
for use outside of a debug/test environment as it can cause performance problems

V. LTS 11/30/2022 release
– kernel updates for compatibilty with 6.0.8
– globalized language for inf removal
– converted from SystemV Init Scripts to SystemD Init

V. LTS 09/09/2022 release
– fixed Tegra SMMU buffer crash
– libpdv.so is built by default now

V. LTS 06/13/2022 release
– added support for GCC 12
– added support for ARM GCC 8 and GCC 9
– updated Windows version detection during driver install to be more programmatic

V. LTS 02/28/2022 release
– Legacy Driver Package Freeze
– – this is the last major release of the Legacy (versions 5.x and below) Driver Package
– – Legacy package will now only receive minor updates for kernel or compiler compatibility

V. 12/13/2021 release
– added systemd unit file for edtinit
– added support for GCC 11
– adding Linux makefile support for “vlviewer” add-on package
– fixed edt_set_timecode_raw() to re-enable IRIG after changing requested setting (for Linux)
– updated method for checking which kernel the driver was compiled against
– updated Windows signing to accomodate new EV token
– updated calls to get_user_pages
– updated rpm installation dependencies
– removed vlviewer from driver – available seperately
– unload kernel module when uninstalling
– added GFP_DMA32 memory allocation flag
– fixed bug: added graceful failure if there is not enough memory for the requested ring buffer allocation

V. 07/30/2021 release

– updated use of set_fs(…) for kernels 5.10.0+
– removed <register|unregister>_ioctl32_conversion(…) call, absent since kernel 2.6
– corrected errant bitfile
– added null ptr checks to Linux module SG list / memory mgmt

V. 04/30/2021 release
– updated Windows version check for reliability
– unpack linux vlviewer on driver installation, create symlink for architecture specific app

V. 02/01/2021 release
– fixed CentOs 7.6 preprocessor warning about EDT_LINUX_DISTRO
– moved EDT_driver_compilation.log and EDT_last_compiled_kernel.txt into respective package directories
– added general system detail output to the top of the installation log for debugging assistance
– fixed `ktime_get_real_ts64` issue (130)
– IRIG decoding
– Removed MSP430 IRIG source code. Now developed separately.
– Removed duplicate implementations in libedt_timing: edt_spi_get_byte() vs edt_spi_get_byte_nointr()
– Minor cleanup to libedt_timing, timing_test and msp430_load
– removed all support for kernel version 2.4 and 2.6

V. 11/04/2020 release
– added support for GCC 10 + up to kernel 5.8
– added edt module unload protection (wont unload if in use)
– minor updates to simple_* applications
– major update to vlviewer application (new binary only format)
– – legacy available as zip file

V. 08/7/2020 release
– Visionlink CLS id string updated
– Ubuntu 20.04 driver installation bug (102) fixed
– Added support for ARM (64bit GCC7)

V. 05/11/2020 release
– (pcd) fixed S5/A5 behavior relating to module and signal

V. 04/30/2020 release
– reworked pciload bitfile find and select
– properly cleanup PCI device on driver unload
– fixed memory leak in edt_system
– updated libedt open device mode
– MSI API updates
– automatically handle system kernel updates now
– driver permissions policy (executables & bitfiles) developed and tested
– added Proprietary license to linux kernel module

V. 07/31/2019 eng
– pciload fixed misleading JEDEC error with VisionLink CLS
– Updated build scripts to work on new server

V. 07/15/2019 release
– Aggregate changes since, merged and tested for release

V. 06/27/2019 eng
– EDTAPI_VERSION had gotten stuck at, fixed & added test
– Updates to Windows driver, fixes intermittent freeze issues on Win10

V. 05/03/2019 eng
– Updated FW for VisionLink F1 (rev08) & F4 (rev10); modified IRIG functionality
for >= HW rev 20 boards (deprecates IRIG if flashed into earlier HW versions;
added debounce logic to mitigate noisy external triggers. Only applicable if
you have one of these rev boards AND have need of IRIG functionality
– pciload warning for deprecated IRIG functionality earlier boards (see above)
– Updated linux package requirements readme (README.lnx_pkg_reqs)
– Fixed API/doc omissions & bad links on distribution CD
– Trimmed file list in validate_install.sh to speed up valition tests

V. 04/22/2019 release
– Aggregate changes since, merged and tested for release

V. 04/17/2019 eng
– Support for Linux kernels 4.18 through 5.03
– Fixed Linux SG corruption / crash issue that was failing some stress-tests

V. 04/01/2019 eng
– Support for Linux kernel 4.4.143, specific to SUSE Linux SELS 12 SP3
NOTE: SUSE is not tested and support for it is not provided

V. 02/14/2019 eng
– Fixed pciload ERASE functionality, added README.erase_prom
– Added -D a functionality to pciload (dump all)

V. 01/17/2019 eng
– Fixed Linux driver load problem introduced in ENG release
– Windows EV code signining certificate updated, new one expires 11/2021
– pdv_decode_timestamp added to pdvlib, updated documentation for
pdv_wait_image_timed and related subroutines
– Deprecated -X in take.c
– Updated API documentation for pdv_wait_image_timed

V. 10/23/2018 eng
– Updated pciload with 4 byte r/w mode for Micron flash
– pciload added -D i option (dump info space)

V. 09/18/2018 eng
– Removed extraneous debug going to dmesg on conflicting register lock ioctls
– Fixed an issue that was preventing vlviewer from building on fedora

V. 08/31/2018 release
– Aggregate changes for release

V. 09/11/2018 eng
– Fixed typo in .conf files, relates to ldconfig change in

V. 08/10/2018 release
– Changes to support custom vision/s5 update
– Added bitfile option string to PDV codebase & pciload for VisionLink CLS,
added optstr / optstr.c utility to get the bitfile option string if present
– edtinit service failing on newer Ubuntu (18.x) / Debian etc. fixed
– Aggregate changes, tested for release

V. 07/11/2018 eng
– pciload added check/warning for PCIe8 G3 A5 (not related to any vision board
but pciload is agnostic to that)

V. 05/09/2018 eng
– Added automatic uninstall of previous package to Windows installallation
– Windows EV code signing 1507 through R4
NOTE: If the driver shows up as unsigned on Windows 7, 8 or 10, ensure
that all the recommended Microsoft security updates have been applied

V. 04/23/2018 release
– REQUIRED FIRMWARE UPDATE for VisionLink F1 boards, see below.
– Setdebug -g (scatter-gather diagnostic) fixed in linux driver code
– Aggregate changes since, tested for release

V. 04/17/2018 eng
– REQUIRED FIRMWARE UPDATE for VisionLink F1 boards. F1 boards will not
operate correctly with this (or any driver from going forward) unless
the boards’ firmware has been updated to rev. -08 or newer. To update, run

pciload -u <unit> update

See “Updating the Firmware” in your users guide for more details
– Driver fix for MSI interrupts to match interupt register size
– Updated ID macros for LF blades (internal, n/a for vision products)

V. 04/03/2018 eng
– ldconfig file for edt libs added to linux install, provides
simplified/automatic dynamic linking for edt-specific applications
– Refactored linux driver install script, improves & simplifies internal
processes for adding new devices
– Fixed linux driver install warning from not-ubiquitous “wheel” group
– Fixed vlviewer issue on linux, graceful error out on permission errors
during camera configuration

V. 2/28/2018 (windows), 3/5/2018 (linux) release
– Implemented support for Windows 10 build 1709 (Creator update)
– MSI interrupts fixed in Linux, including CentOS 6 boot problem,
allowing driver removal with MSI interrupts enabled
– Added Linux 4.13-4.15 kernel support (gcc7)

V. 02/07/2018 eng
– Partial fix for Windows 10 1709 memory error problem
– Partial implementation of Linux MSI interrupt support

V. 01/22/2018 eng
– Fixed potential malloc/strlen memory overrun issues in simple_clsend example
– Fixed VisionLink test validate_pdvsim.sh (missing zero-init for CONN variable)

V. 12/18/2017 release
– Modified lib_two_wire.c for c++ compatability
– Removed superfluous CLS ID entry as PCD in wdf_reload (Windows)
– Added si5338 clock code to library; production support for VisionLink CLS
– Updated visionlink F1 FPGA firmware to v.7 (visionlink-f1.bit): added PCIe
core stability check
– Tested recent eng. modifications, build for release

V. 12/07/2017 eng
– Added SHA2 / Windows 10 EV attestation-signing; SHA1 code signing deprecated.
Windows 7 users should have recommended updates applied or ref. KB3033929

V. 12/04/2017 eng
– pdvplus / vlviewer min/max conflict (Debian) fix
– Code signing work, EOL for Windows XP & Vista

V. 11/13/2017 eng
– Linux 4.10 support, added dmy

V. 10/23/2017 release
– Install validation scripts fixed false-negatives on some Linux distros
– Fixed syntax error in libedt.h, rebuilt for release

V. 10/19/2017 eng
– Added PAL IDs to flash sw for identification of new CML board
– Added rev. pe8dvacamlk_t06.bit, update PCIe8 DVa C-Link boards only if you’re
system boot problems are occurring with the board(s)

V. 09/29/2017 eng
– Fixed changes to kernel vm_pages structure to
allow for building in 4.8+ kernels

V. 08/17/2017 release
– DevId 00ae assigned to E3 NIC (non-vision specific)
– Renamed install validation script from validate_pdvinst.sh to
– Fixed memory leak in edt_open_device

V. 07/19/2017 release
– Updated driver & libs to support building on linux kernels using GCC 5 or 6

V. 07/17/2017 eng
– Fixed devid ordering problem introduced in


V. 07/13/2017 eng
– Devids 00ac and 00ae reverted to reserved (future use)

V. 06/01/2017 eng
– Backed out timeout recovery code changes from; production testing
showed it’s not stable
– updated edt_get_buf_bytecount to improve reliability, when updated
bitfile w/EDT_HAS_BYTECOUNT & EDT_HAS_DDMA is detected

V. 05/19/2017 eng
– Updated VisionLink F1 firmware visionLinkf1.bit, rev06: mods to abort logic
to ensure no DMA transfer during abort (ETSR-23)
– Timeout recovery / abort DMA lib updates (libpdv, take.c) to avoid potential
hang conditions from race conditions/multiple unit interference (ETSR-23)

V. 02/27/2017 eng
– Updated windows code signing timpestamp refs per RFC3161 svc SHA256/symantec

V. 01/25/2017 release
– pciload -D (dump) output bug fixed, works with DV/Visionlink + non- (i.e. pcd)

V. 01/17/2017 eng
– Linux 4.8 kernel support

V. 10/05/2016 eng
– added msvc_stdint.h for use by apps that use it but compiling with vs2008
– added pdv_cls_set_dvalid() to header file as EDTAPI

V. 06/09/2016 eng
– merge pcd changes, PDV n/a

V. 08/04/2016 eng
– merge pcd changes, PDV n/a

V. 06/07/2016 release
– pciload no longer disallows programming with jumper in PROT position
(necessary for some boards)
– pciload failing to ID some boards e.g. PCIe4 CDa (bug introduced some
time after ; fixed

V. 05/12/2016 eng
– Removed / repurposed blade ids (non-pdv)

V. 02/24/2016 release
– Updated Windows authenticode signature to use SHA1/SHA256 dual-hash encryption
(improves security & resolves IE11 install block issue present in
– camconfig script fixed for linux, now works as documented
– Fixed windows validation script error (no lsb_release in windows)

V. 01/25/2016 release
– pciload added invalid filename check & exit before 1st time or -I program
– Tested aggregate changes since for release
– Backed out not-ready-for-release contiguous sglist code in
– Includes RECOMMENDED FIRMWARE UPDATE, rev05 for VisionLink F1 and F4
(01/13/2016). Use ‘pciload update’ to update your devices, see the users
guide for details. Firmware changes include:
– Changed region of interest to accomodate non aligned dval
– Fixed intermittent serial hang problems
– Fixed board shutter timer off-by-one problem
– Fixed framegrabber_base.vhd and framegrabber_full.vhd instance of progio
did not have readback connection on registers 0x03 and 0x43.

V. 12/17/2015 eng
– Optimize kernel page handling in edt_lnx_mm.c by maximizing #contiguous pages
– pciload fixed summary list so -u <unit> works to show only one board
– Added lsb_release (linux release info) to dvinfo and edt_sysinfo diagnostics
– pciload added -u functionality for summary list

V. 11/24/2015 release
– Linux gcc5 drv module ln (lib)_4.a->_5.a, compat. workaround for 4.x kernels
– Aggregate changes since, tested for release

V. 11/16/2015 eng
– Linux dispatchlib unrecognized flags on older gcc versions, fixed
– Linux driver build fixes to fix compatabiliy issues with 4.x kernels
– vlviewer/pdv_qtlib remaining fixes for config/disp mismatch on init/reconfig
– vlviewer desktop icon replaces pdvshow (pdvshow remains, but not supported)
– Updated / added windows desktop icons

V. 10/30/2015 eng
– pciload added -D option (dump flash), support for new (non-dv) boards

V. 10/01/2015 eng
– vlviewer/pdv_qtlib partial fixes for config/disp mismatch on startup/reconfig
– pciload added output of negotiated pcie link width & speed
– clsiminit added xregwrite directive support
– dvinfo fixed camsetup.sh detect, pci precludes pciediag, smarter about
finding lspci on linux, other minor changes
– API comment (doxygen) changes for edt_open_ calls
– irigdump fixed output timing reported values
– cleaned some potential memory leaks from libs/vlviewer, added flags to
makefiles to quell pedantic warnings

V. 09/22/2015 eng
– validation script fixes for CentOS 6.6, & added check for vlviewer lock file
– vlviewer tiff .so version reference fixed (manifested in CentOS 6.6)

V. 08/04/2015 release
– Change to support Linux Kernels 3.18.9
– vlviewer build failed on some linux distros due to libjpeg, fixed
– Generic & test configs updated for validation test changes (cksums)
– Adjusted cl_speed messaging parameters for VisionLink F1 & PCI devices
– Linux driver builds failing on edtinit PE8G3KU, fixed

V. 07/13/2015 release
– Linux build changes so local jpeg-6b lib is referenced instead of having to
depend on external jpeg library which varies system to system
– vlviewer fixed spurious “no such slot” qtlib messages
– last rev ( broke vlviewer -i (initcam) feature, fixed
– Includes RECOMMENDED FIRMWARE UPDATE, rev04 for VisionLink F1 (06/22/2015) and
VisionLink F4 (6/18/2015). Use ‘pciload update’ to update your devices, see
the users guide for details. Firmware changes include:
* Improved non-qword aligned data handling
* Fixed problem with ROI/linescan acquire & fvalgen missing 2 lines
* Using 2-tap 8-bit mode on ch0 caused ch1 to be inactivated on F4, fixed
* Reset issue on Visionlnk f4 causing inconsistent ch2 generated data, fixed
* Added 5-tap 16-bit mode
* Increased FIFO size on F4
* F1: Corrected Pixels per Line / Clocks per line status registers
– Added flash/xc5vlx30t/pe8dvaclsim128b.bit, alternate FPGA file for PCIe8 DVa
CLS — same as std. FPGA file except 128 byte burst size; slower max data
rates but it resolves CLS data glitches on many newer GEN2 chipsets
– Aggregate changes since, tested for release
– Windows 10 release validation added (to Win 7 & 8)

V. 06/25/2015 eng
– vlviewer -i check / force ./ if not full path
– Updated VisionLink F1 & F4 firmware (06/18/2014)
– release candiate / testing

V. 06/25/2015 eng
– vlviewer updated help text
– initcam added 10 msec sleep at finish for non-fox boards
– More validation tests including cls->fg (automated build/test)
– cls devices: configured lval values were being overwritten on init, fixed

V. 06/03/2015 eng
– clseredt.dll removed force long serial timeout from (windows)

V. 05/20/2015 eng
– Updated/added pdv_cl_set_base_channels to API (resets #taps programatically)
– vlviewer added options to save a file on startup, show about box, usage, quit
– vlviewer expanded help
– Updated to tiff-4.0.3, include as a .zip & reworked makefile & linux depen-
dencies for it & jpeg-6b so those libs don’t have to be separately installed
– Added some verbosity to linux setup script output when errors are detected

V. 04/28/2015 eng
– clseredt.dll potential problem with clSerialRead; would timeout if more data
than expected; fixed
– vlviewer fixes & enhancements:
* cleaned up numerous stub functions
* standardized dialog buttons
* fixed dialog resize issues & close dialog on app exit
* added skip, serial, settings & help dialogs
– Uniq up685 config framesize updates (16-byte boundary issue)
– pdv_set_shutter_method failure bug fixed
– Added cert. file & silent install example .bat files in wdf/install (Windows)
– Improved validation in automated build procedures
– Linux pkgs: tiff (4.0.3) & jpeglib build / link now automatic (removed the
need for those libes to be on the system for gen_tiffs, vlviewer, send_tiffs).
– Added new device IDs aa-af (pcd: gp/ku + future)

V. 03/26/2015 release
– dvinfo diagnostic: added -c option, fixed FW check & output message
– Aggregate changes since, tested for release

V. 03/23/2015 eng
– Fixed Linux serial hang/crash bug (crit. in crit. + preempt_disable)
– CLS (simulator) products, fixed clsiminit uninitialized pixel clock problem
introduced in
– Updated installation CD docs browser with format / files matching new website

V. 02/24/2015 release
– vlviewer added -v/–version and -h/–help options, clean exit if no board
found, updated to v1.1,
– build updates to enable jenkins build/validation testing (internal)
– aggregate changes for release candiate build

V. 02/12/2015 eng
– added pdv_get_shutter_method, same as pdv_shutter_method but with mcl arg
– aggregate changes build/test

V. 02/11/2015 eng
– added validate_pdvinst.sh for validation testing
– added pdv_set_shutter_method() to pdvlib (libpdv.c)

V. 01/21/2015 eng
– pcix_diagtool renamed pciediag, built on install, added to windows & pdv pkgs
– make clean more complete (esp. windows)
– vlviewer fixed occasional crash on 1st config, fixed

V. 01/13/2015 eng
– vlviewer updates:
* detects/warns/quits if already running on same device/channel
* fixed file save autonumber feature & added the autonum ckbox to save pane
* updated top bar info (+cfgname +size)
* camconfig dialog remembers last selected config
* fixed crashing problems when camconfig to different #bits per pixel
– pdv_cls_set_clock & pdv_cls_set_dep (clsim_lib.c): values outside valid clock
range now produce a warning but will set specified value (useful for testing)
– clser_example.cpp added to edt_camlink subdir
– clseredt.dll & .so code modified, clSerialRead wouldn’t timeout per CL spec
– Doxygen changes updated urls to match new website in code comments
– Comments added re. vxworks on all applications clarifying NO_MAIN purpose
– edtlib: edt_get_xref_info added/updated with new optional file params &,
edt_find_xpn calls that internally now

V. 11/25/2014 eng
– cl_speed was miscalculating MBytes/sec; fixed
– clseredt.dll added linux build, fixed EDT-specific error text, added #ifdef
on win-specific postproc in libpdv so that’ll work when linked statically

V. 10/28/2014 release
– Fixed clink_tester occasional crash bug introduced in v bds only)
– Aggregate changes since last production release (see below)

V. 10/24/2014 eng
– pdv_cls_set_height() bug fixed (affects simulator products only)
– added edt_flash_prom_header() to API; returns boot sector prom header string
– CD installation script issues for linux & some linux distributions, fixed
– linux installation CD: linux.go renamed linux.go.sh (since clicking on a .go
file will just bring it up in the editor under some configurations)
– vlviewer build problem (-lreadline, -lncurses) on some linux distros, fixed
– Linux: deprecated (and unused) sleep_on calls removed from driver
– Updated firmware (rev03) for visionlink f1/f4. Recommended update — use
pciload -u <unit> visionlinkf1 or pciload -u <unit> visionlinkf4 to update
your board (see the users guide for detailed information. The following
modifications are included in this update:
* Fixed configuration timing issues that caused sporadic boot failures
* Fixed bad pixel issues during max speed (85mhz) operations

V. 10/2/2014 eng
– vlviewer linux build problem introduced in, fixed
– wdf unload devs added for cleaner uninstall

V. 07/31/2014 release
– vlviewer single button not working on first config after boot, fixed
– gen_tiffs fixed for 10-14 bit (created as packed, shouldn’t have)
– wdf_reload fixed missing DVa/Visionlink IDs, for cleaner uninstall/reinstall
– Added remove_pdvwdf.bat to wdf dir, for the occasional case where it’s
necessary to force removal of persistent old of driver .sys file

V. 07/07/2014 release
– pdvcom added (com port method for serial, see README.pdvcom.txt)

V. 06/23/2014 eng
– Rev02 FPGA firmware files for VisionLink F1/F4, updated to swap ext. trigger
pins, see the users guide for how to update boards using pciload
– vlviewer fixed some warning output (linux), disables capture if not config’d
– rcxload, bitload: increased verbosity level to EDTDEBUG>0 for “invalid magic
bytes” message
– rcx c-link med & full mode unit FPGA files added to package
– clink_tester added alloc 3 bufs

V. 06/17/2014 eng
– Fixed include file & library path issues with dispatch, vlviewer & linux
– cl_speed added fpga names & adjusted speed params for visionlink
– rev01 FPGA firmware files for VisionLink F1/F4; first production release
includes fval-adjust timing improvements — see the users guide for how
to update boards using pciload

V. 05/27/2014 release
– vlviewer now correctly stops continuous if single button is pressed
– Fixed pdvshow camselect to show only camera link cfgs if camera link dev
– Modified edt_types.h so #defines are EDT_TYPE_BYTE instead of TYPE_BYTE, etc.
because of conflicts with other libraries
– Added extra checks for required packages on linux install, fixed no error out
on no g++
– Moved pdv_flshow back into linux installations (not quite ready to retire)
– Added remove_edtinf.bat to wdf dir (util to remove archived win EDT drivers)
– linux edtinit (make load) driver permissions bug for >3 enumerated devs fixed

V. 05/15/2014 eng
– vlviewer fixed start continuous bad images / continuous delayed display bug
– vlviewer implemented -nb flag (command line numbufs arg, see vlviewer –help)
– clsiminit (clsim_lib) fixed bug where mono cfg failed if first init as rgb
– doxygen api updates

V. 05/05/2014 engineering beta release
– VisionLink F1 & F4 rev 00 FPGA firmware files added to package
– Added cfgread to pciload micron_read/write (more solid FPGA burn for VL bds)
– pcix_diagtool makefile bug fixed

V. 04/30/2014 test build
– Fixed VisionLink F4 driver/lib recognition/id (as imaging board) problem
– take utility -N 0 flag wasn’t working as advertised, fixed
– clink_tester added test for 16-byte hex serial send/receive
– Added cleanup of more files on Windows pkg uninstall
– pciload useage update re. OSN
– vlviewer added menu exit, added Skipped item in footer

V. 04/21/2014 eng
– New deinterlace method QUADRANT3_INTLV; 4-port interlace, starting from the
center, iterating out to the corners
– vlviewer updated devinfo dialog, related changes to libs & edt_flash.c
– simplest take fixed -u arg
– Fixes to dispatch library

V. 03/28/2014
– pciload support for VisionLink F1 & F4 FPGA id/load/verify
– simple_event example added -f switch for FVAL, removed -r (disabled ring
buffers) — see simple_event –help for useage
– pciload completed support for VisionLink F1/F4 (now can ID, load and verify)
– vlviewer/pdvplus/pdv_qtlib: pdvplus corrected string ident. for newer bds,
vlviewer reformatted devinfo output

V. 03/12/2014 release
– Fixed header_type (IRIG, etc.) getting overwritten bug introduced in
– pciload initial support for VisionLink F1/F4 (detects/IDs but no load/verify)
– Aggregate changes (see below), tested for production release

V. 02/27/2014 eng
– Added ‘default’ arg for .run installs; sets no-prompt target to /opt/EDTpdv
– Incremental fixes /updates to vlviewer & pdv_qtlib
– Removed pdv_flshow from all installations
– More error checking in Linux install scripts, more cleanup on uninstall
– simplest_take udpated, removed option to save obsolete .ras (or anything)

V. 02/19/2014 eng
– vlviewer added (new/improved pdvshow-like application): replacement for
pdv_flshow on Linux, eventual replacement for pdvshow on Windows
– Windows build optimizations & error checking/tracking
– Changes to pciload to check IDs w/o burning, run pciload –help for useage
– Updated linux install scripts & cd install menu: added error checking & logging
to Linux install scripts, install much more quietly
– Installation log contents added to dvinfo & edt_sysinfo output

V. 01/2/2014 eng
– Updated PCIe8 DV/DVa CLS (simulator) FPGA files (rev04) provide bandwidth im-
provements: DMA engine now supports 256 SG list read requests & 2048 byte data
read requests (base & full), increased FIFO size to 32KB (full mode only). To
update your CLS board, run ‘pciload update’ (see the users guide for details
on querying & updating board firmware.)

V. 12/16/2013 eng
– Added pdv_qtlib; Qt layer used by vlviewer & other possible pdv GUI apps
– Uninstall does more cleanup esp. make & vcproj-created files/dirs
– Updated libtiff makefile
– Updated CD install menu splash & fixed spurious error on menu quit

– Added check in initcam, graceful exit if not a known framegrabber (as
opposed to simulator)
– Build/test with aggregate changes (below) for release
– Support for VisionLink F1, excepting pciload program and verify

V. 11/20/2013 eng
– send_tiffs -m (memory) option broken, fixed
– simple_clsend removed asserts, fixes probs with non-debug builds
– simple_clsend removed setsize; fixes probs sending 10-16×2-tap
– clsiminit (simulators) fixed baud rate setting for other than 9600

– More ID changes, #defined labels for new devs
– More library work for (still to be released) qt pdvshow
– cl_speed updated limits & output
– Take now defaults to 4 ring buffers; -N 0 now forces pdv_read (was default)
– Simple_clsend removed asserts that could cause probs with non-debug builds
– Support for the most recent linux kernels, up through 3.8.0-30
– Aggregate changes since last production release (, see below

V. 10/24/2013 eng test
– Fixed linux .bmp file bad header write (libdvu) & core on no-permissions write

V. 10/23/2013 eng test
– Fixed some (recently introduced) edtimage & pdvplus linux compile errs/warns
– Test build for beta release

V. 10/21/2013 eng
– Fixed some build/install issues that effect certain Linux distributions

V. 10/14/2013 eng test
– Test build
– pclock_speed (fg) & cls.pixel_clock (sim) synched (lib, clsiminit, readcfg)
– Ids for possible future devices added
– Ongoing (still unfinished) FPGA & PROM support for new dv boards

V. 10/8/2013 eng
– Renewed digital signature for windows packages/drivers
– Added IDs & support for new ImageLink series boards
– Library work to support new qt-based pdvshow

V. 08/20/2013 eng
– simple_clsend removed unnecessary msleep(1)
– Test for release

V. 08/13/2013 eng
– Pdvshow checks if board is simulator, quits if so
– Added 8-bit quadrant deinterlace
– New configs: SVS-VISTEK hr29050m
– Pre-work (idstuff) for next generation PCIe vision boards
– clsim_lib fixed rvstart/end init, & sets lib vars for fv/lv/rv start/end to persist

V. 07/16/2013 eng
– Cert. files updated (internal, for build system cert. updates)

V. 07/08/2013 eng
– Updated digital signature chain; windows install & devmgr now correctly reports driver
as digitally signed

V. 06/13/2013 eng
– Removed some obsolete configs, for obsolete FOI devices, incorrect clsim16
– Fixed simple_clsend buffersize calculation
– New custom interlace methods INTLV_20BAND, INTLV_21BAND

V. 06/03/2013 eng
– gen_tiffs re-added to package
– clsim_lib fixed some instances of dependent element cls.taps not getting set

V. 05/31/2013 eng
– Pciload now displays driver & library versions
– Pdv .sln / .vcproj fixes including .users files to set working dir,
consistent paths and settings for x64 as well as x32 builds
– pdvshow version synched with driver/lib/pkg & going forward

V. 05/23/2013 eng
– Fixed pdvshow vs2008 solution (dispatch missing as if, dependencies)
– Fixed / updated pdvapps.sln; includes all sample pdv applications

V. 05/08/2013 eng
– Fixed pciload for some older devs
– Modified serial_init, serial_binit (config) to allow multiple/mixed instances

V. 04/30/201 eng
– test build, fix missing dispatch dir and project (pdvshow doesn’t build in pkg)

*** This release includes RECOMMENDED FIRMWARE UPDATES for several boards.
for directions on updating your firmware, see the users guide.
– New base and full mode firmware v.14 RECOMMENDED UPTATE for PCIe4 DVa C-Link
and PCIe8 DVa C-Link, and base mode firmware v.03 RECOMMENDED UPDATE for
PCIe8 DVa FOX / F2. Changes include:
* ROI padding disabled by default (yields better underrun detection/time-
outs); can be re-enablied via CL_CFG2_NORM bit 7 [0x80])
* ext. trigger updates for PCIe4 DVa FOX (corrects diffs w/other PCIe bds)
* update to support 30-bit RGB mode (compat. w/older boards/existing cams)
* DVaFOX dflt clock speed now 2.5GHz; can reset via MGTSPEED reg
– New base firmware v.03 RECOMMENDED UPDATE for PCIe8 DVa CLS. Changes include:
* Fix for si570 clock, fixes intermittent problems setting serial baud
* Fixed broken channel 1 serial communications
– Fixed clsiminit hgap/vgap setting (broken sometime arouund/after last release)
– Aggregate changes since last production release (
– pdv_read, pdv_write, edt_read, edt_write re-coded to use 1 ring buffer
– pdvshow fixed file save autonumber feature

V. 04/17/2013 release test beta
– New config directive CL_MGTSPEED_NORM, sets PCIe4DVa FOX clock speed; see
the Firmware Guide, Camera Configuration Guide and Framegrabber Users Guide.
– New for PCIe8 DVa C-Link, pe8dvacamlkddr_fm.bit, enables DDR2 for PCIe8 DVa-
C-Link base through full mode, 40MHz and above
– Configs: new Basler Ace 10b8t, updated Cohu 7700 (ROI now clips to valid)
– Added edt_readinfo back into edtlib, previously removed for no good reason
– rcxload utility fixed to work with PCIe4 DVa FOX
– pciload output format changes, fewer unnecessary ‘continue’ prompts

V. 04/01/2013 eng
– pdvshow added hexidecimal option for pixel text display
– Fixed 10-bit 8-tap intlv for PCIe8 DVa C-Link (was missing last 1/5th rows)

V. 03/20/2013 eng
– Initcam increased max #bytes for serial_init & serial_binit from ~64 to 1024,
both directives can now be specified multiple times
– New subroutines pdv_framesync_enable, pdv_framesync_mode, pdv_check_framesync
and method_framesync config file directive, including timeout emulation to
detect timeouts on framecync error
– Fix u_int foundend >= 0 always true warning.

V. 03/4/2013 eng
– New config directive start_delay & removed hard-coded 10-sec initcam serial delay
for Hamamatsu, replaced with the new directive in older Hamamatsu configs
– Updated Hamamatsu Orcaflash 4.0 config with correct width (2050).
– Install pkg updates (Windows): icons, splash gfx, signed driver warning msg
– Updated pcie4 dva fox -50t version FPGA to rev01
– Added special-purpose _tsi full mode FPGA for PCIe4 DVa
– Fixed clseredt.dll copy to registry-defined loc (broken in a recent eng ver.)
– Fixed clseredt.dll indexing error on units / channels other than 0
V. 02/13/2013 eng
– pciload changes to support pcd devs (mostly unrelated to pdv but common code)

V. 01/29/2013 eng
– pdv_set_depth & pdv_set_extdepth deprecated; use new combined
– pciload reorg for non-dv devs including re-org (eg edt_xilinx.c->edt_flash.c)
– serial enabled check fixed to prevent resource lock on serial reads / waits

V. 12/20/2012 eng
– linux driver mod to address hangups from serial
– edt_flash.c replaced replacing edt_xilinx.c and preliminary pciload
support of new pcd board
– new configs for Basler Ace and Sprint model cameras

V. 12/2012 eng
– advanced Vision Technologies (AVT) Bonito camera support
– corrected Hamamatsu OrcaFLASH 4.0 config error (fixed interlace directive)
– 10-bit 8-tap packed mode for PCIe8 DVa C-Link (firmware update to rev. 13
FPGA file required), and associated configs for Dalsa Falcon 2-12M
– installation CD improvements (exception handling in menu, windows autorun,
added MacOS package to standard CD)

– aggregate engineering changes tested for production release

V. 11/01/2012 engineering
– deinterleave support for Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0
V. 10/18/2012 engineering
– fixed sysctl bug for Linux kernels > 2.6.31
– linux package install changes including no more auto-save of date-changed files
V. 10/2/2012 engineering
– fixed ROI which was broken in
V. 9/20/2012 engineering
– simple_clsend and send_tiffs added -rgb4 option; NOW REQUIRED to enable CLS
4-tap emulation for 24-bit RGB, in anticipation of FPGA FW with native 24-bit
– clsiminit no longer modifies datapath per RGB (related to above)
V. 8/30/2012 engineering
– dvafox now properly ID’d (not dvfox) in pciload
– clsim_lib changes for robustness (img size related)
– PCIe4 DVa FOX support, including serial on channel 2 (3rd txcvr)
– added -l option to clsiminit, to enable uartloop for CLS boards
– updated FPGA files pdvcamlk_3v/5v.bit (rev 41a), fast re-arm acq. block,
enabled by setting reg. 0x35 (CL_CFG2) 0x40 bit
– config files for PCO.edge cameras
– added manifest to clseredt.dll, fixes missing msvcrt90.dll error
– added delay / retry code to pciload; prevents lockup if pciload write fails
– fixed channel 1 serial DV C-Link boards
V. 4/19/2012 engineering
– removed FOI artifacts from driver serial code, fixed serial_waitc problem
on ch. 1 (also possibly fixed serial_wait probs in general?)
– added ;2 dll manifest tag, fixed link problems (missing MSVCRT90.dll for
apps built with /MT)
– added channel arg to clsiminit & clink_tester for simulators (still no-go for
clink_tester -c 1 on simulator however)
– clsim_lib: sets width/height/depth directly rather than pdv_ lib calls for that
which had the negative side-effect of reconfiguring buffers ; (should be
explicit in simulator apps)
– clsim_lib: pdv_cls_set_taps() added to api
– clseredt.dll fix for getSerialPortIdentifier and getManufacturerInfo: returns 4
if uninitialized, correctly indexes ports /channels

– Linux driver scatter-gather list resisze bug from fixed
– Tested package release including aggregage changes below

V. 3/26/2012 release candidate
– PCIe8 DVa c-link full mode: RECOMMENDED FPGA UPDATE; rev 12 _fm FPGA
(pe8dvacamlk-fm.bit) corrects a bug introduced in rev11 that broke 8×10
“extended full” mode (note: only for boards running full mode FW)
– Rev12 FPGA updates also for PCIe4 DVa C-Link and PCIe8 DVa C-Link base mode;
no major changes from rev11 but keeps FW builds tracking with the same rev.
– Manifest added so apps can use pdvlib.dll instead of static in windows
– initcam resets FIFO / clears any left-over overruns from dvinfo, etc.
– send_tiffs, simple_clsend added -c to enable use on other than ch. 0
– Nonessential code-cleanups and comments/doxygen API docage

– RECOMMENDED FPGA UPDATES (rev 11) for PCIe8 DV and DVa framegrabbers:
* added dual RGB/BGR modes (dpath 57 & d7)
* added dalsa dual processing medium mode (dpath b7)
* DMA FIFO performance fixes
* fixed erroneous bytecnt output for RGB modes
– RECOMMENDED FPGA UPDATES (rev 02) for PCIe8 DV CLS simulators:
* significant output performance improvements; now supports complete Camera
Link range at 20-85MHz, up to and including extend full (80-bits)
* Baud rate now sets correctly for full range, and larger serial RX FIFO
* fix for 2 tap 10 bit mode
(see “Updating the firmware” in the users guide for details on re-flashing
your board with updated firmware)
– Added FPGA files (rev00) for PCIe4 DVa FOX (Camera Link fiberoptic board)
– Support for Linux kernels 2.6.18 through 3.2.7 (but excepting
– Install: removed windows requirement to disable user account control (UAC)
– Install sets $PDVHOME envvar on windows; include this in your path if you
want to run pdv EDT applications from other than the EDT installation dir
– Support for MacOS v10.6, 32 and 64-bit (use for MacOS v10.5)
– Install now creates install.log; useful for diagnosing install problems
– dvinfo, edt_sysinfo, setdebug: updated diagnostics & options, cleaner output
– New config files for Baumer and Basler
– Aggregate fixes in engineering versions since last production release

V. (ENG)
– Fixed script error that was causing vcredist_x86 (SBS) to not get called on
32-bit systems
– Pciload now recognizes ‘a’ version boards and presents them as such (e.g.
pcie8 dva c-link)
– clseredt.dll for Camera Link control added for 64-bit, and re-added (since
4.x) for 32-bit,
and updated to conform to Camera Link 2.0 seri dll location and registry
– Bitload (rbtfile: config reference) was failing on some legacy PCI boards
when full rbtfile path was not specified in config ; fixed
– Support for Linux 3.0 kernels

– Added pe4dvacamlk.bit and pe8dvcamlk.bit (new FPGA files for PCIe ‘a’ bds)

– Supports WinXP/32, Vista 32/64, Win7/32&64, Linux
– Fixed remaining bluescreen problem (certain windows platforms)
– Trigger via serial problem fixed (cfg directive serial_trigger, force_single)
– serial_cmd -x 16-byte limit increased to 512
– simple_clsend (for simulator boards) improvements including list and dir optns
– Broken deinterleave algorithms fixed

Win7 V. (BETA for Win7/32&64)
– fixed channel 1 / serial bluescreen problem

Win7 V. (BETA for Win7/32&64)
– Fixed blusescreen problem caused by buffer reallocation
– pdvshow icon (bad arguments in properties) problem *really* fixed now
– Uninstall removes more stuff including objs created from rebuilds using nmake
– PCIe8 DV CLS FPGA files pe8dvcls_bm.bit (base) & pe8dvcls_fm.bit (full) added
– send_tiffs -m (memory) option added

Win7 V. (BETA for Win7/32&64)
– Added pe8dvclsim_bm and _fm fpga files for PCIe8 DV CLS. If you have a PCIe8
simulator, run pciload -v to check the file against the currently flashed FPGA
and update if different (see users guide for instructions on updating firmware)
– Makefile fixed to copy .exes up to parent just as

Win7 V. (BETA for Win7/32&64)
– Fixed pdvshow icon (bad arguments in properties); now correctly invokes pdvshow
– Channel 1 serial didn’t work in; fixed
– Supports PCIe8 DV CLS (8 lane PCI Express Camera Link simulator)
– Installs required Microsoft side-by-side assembly (VC++ redistributable)
– Cleaned up some confusing install dialog behavior
– Known issues still include:
* no clserialedt.dll
* User Account Control must be disabled or applications will not see the driver
* “make” or “nmake” puts the .exe files in the bin directory instead of expected local dir

Win7 (BETA for Win7/32&64)
– First release (beta) WDF driver (see NOTE above for applicable OSs).

– Support for Linux v.2.6.37+
– Simulator (CLS) boards: added simple_clsend (simpler send_tiffs)
– Simulator (CLS) boards: added tiffs256 dir with sample 256×256 files and imagelist to match,
for out of the box send_tiffs and simple_clsend testing using camera_config/clstest256.cfg

– send_tiffs (cls boards only) added -m (memory) option
– Aggregate changes since built / tested for production

V. (eng)
– pciload structural changes (transparent)

V. (eng)
– New pcie8 bitfile pe8dvcamlk2.bit; rev09 fixes 2nd (ch1) DMA & serial. This is
a RECOMMENDED UPDATE for customers running base or medium mode cameras — run
pciload with no arguments; if it shows that your board’s FPGA firmware is earlier
than 9/9/2010, we recommend applying this update. See your users guide or README.pdv
for directions on using pciload to update your firmware.
– Also in the new firmware, re-added PCLVVFREE to free pixel clock counter BUT different
reg (CL_CFG2); rewrote pdv_camera_connected() to use this new reg/bit

V. (eng)
– Fixed Vieworks 4-tap deinterleave
– new firmware for pcie8, includes frame footer and IrigB (pe8dvcamlk2.bit)
and fix for problem that occurred when frames aren’t a multiple of 128
(pe8dvcamlk2.bit and pe8dvcamlk2_fm.bit) — see Firmware in the users guide
– New subroutine pdv_set_header_type() and predefined IRIG2 method for frame
tagging, counter and image time stamping on PCIe8

– Configs for Vision System Tech VieWorks cameras VM-16F3, VA-8M16
and VH-5M16 and image reorder (deinterleave) support (TOPBOTTOM) for same
– rcx c-link firmware update to rgb11d — updates so modules can load
via other modules and EDT C-Link boards not just DVFOX
– Fixed spurious debug output from bitload
– Fixed take.c segfault bug when using bayer deinterleave and no ring buffers
(i.e. no -N flag) on Linux
– Fixed camconfig for linux pdv_flshow — now comes up automatically. Also
depricated the ASCII version (achooser) so if fltk is not installed / pdvshow
not built, users should just use initcam directly to init the board
– Updated firmware pcie8dvcamlk.bit for PCIe8 DV C-Link base mode w/IRIG-B
timestamp support

V. (eng)
– Updates to dvinfo diag
– New configs for Geospatial / Duncantech, DVC4000, Toshabi-Teli, Cohu
– Updates to several configs to reflect the serial changes in
– checkcam now checks board type and gives pixels/lines on C-link boards
– Various doxygen (API doc) updates
– Aggregate changes in below eng versions rolled into production candidate
– PCIe8 DV C-Link new firmware for speedgrade 2 chipsets — specifically
pe8dvcamlk2.bit (base / medium mode) and pe8dvcamlk2_fm.bit (full mode). If
your PCIe8 DV C-Link board doesn’t work in a computer with PCI Express gen2
chipset see the directions in the users guide for verifying and updating
your firmware.

V. (eng)
– Added printf-like argument formatting to serial_exposure/gain/blacklevel
– Added config directives exposure_min/max (aliases for shutter_speed_min/max)
– Added base/medium mode firmware for PCIe8 DV C-Link r.11+ : pe8dvcamlk2.bit

V. (eng)
– IMI Yukon 2040C and B configs
– pdv_flshow (Linux) implemented bayer color dialog
– PCI DV CLS send_tiffs support for RGB (sends 4 bands: 3 RGB + 1 throwaway)

V. (eng)
– Toshiba CS3960DCL configs and lib exposure / controls
– Cohu 7700 configs and lib exposure / controls
– Basler avA1000-120 configs
– Sentech STC-CLC232A configs
– New serial fmt ASCII_NOSPACE added; Atmel/Thompson cfgs changed accordingly

V. (eng)
– Mikrotron Eosens 1362 support for PCIe8 DV C-Link
– Basler A504k configs/support for PCIe8 DV C-Link
– Fix for Visual Studio sample applications project build
– DeInterleave method for Piranha 3 in library
– Dalsa PC30, P2, P3 config enhancements/additions (mostly for encoder
& calibration)
– Sun Solaris X/86 driver fixes for PCIe8
– RGB30 cfg directive depricated for PCIe8 and future boards (now gets ignored
if it is in the config file since it’s been overloaded to something else);
– Updated PCIe8 DV C-Link ltrig (line trigger) FPGA to add clock devider
– pdvshow (pdv_flshow) GUI added to solaris package, use instead of dv30

– PCIe8 DV C-Link firmware updates for full mode and dual base and corrected
serial FIFO code. Includes RECOMMENDED firmware updates for the PCIe8 DV
C-Link (see “Updating the Firmware” in the PCI DV Family Users Guide for
instructions on updating your board)
– Completed camera link serial dll updates to v1.13 spec, including registry
manipulation / location for clseredt.dll
– Updated cl_speed to include PCIe4, PCIe8
– updated dvinfo to be more robust for all boards; includes more information
– Fixed achooser (solaris camera chooser) too many cameras bug

V. (eng)
– IDT M5 support for PCIe8 DV C-Link
– camera link serial dll update to v1.13 spec (all except registry)

V. (eng)
– Fedora 10 support
– Added medium mode firmware for PCIe4 DV C-Link: pe4dvcamlk32_mm.bit
(4-tap) and pe4dvcamlk32_mmrgb.bit (3-tap 10-bit)
– JAI CV-L107CL support (24- and 30-bit mode)
– UNIQ UP685 support
– Illunis XMV 16000 support
– Updated clseredt.dll serial dll for newer Camera Link standard / GUIs
– minor (but useful) updates to dvinfo diagnostic
– New FPGA firmware, v.39 pdvcamlk2 and pdvcamlk (for PCI DV C-Link rev 52+
and rev 50- respectively): fix to serial FIFO code (see note in v.
below) to fix off-by-one or -two error in baud rate bits setting — see
the Users Guide for instructions on updating board FPGAs with pciload if
you think you may need to apply this fix to your boards.

V. (eng)
– Fedora 10 support
– camconfig (linux) quits if no boards found instead of running ascii chooser

V. (eng)
– FiX for fatal timestamp bug (engineering pkg)
– htaps/vatps made automatic in initcam if not set explicitly in cfg

V. (eng)
– Updated Adimec 1600M/D and S config files to correct ID string and mode
setting errors, particlarly D (dual-tap) models
– New FPGA firmware, v.38 for rev 52 or highter PCI DV C-Link boards: added
serial FIFO which fixes occasional dropped serial character problems. See
Users Guide for instructions on updating board FPGAs if you need this fix.

V. (eng)
– removed cl_logic from dvinfo diagnostic

V. (eng)
– pdv_get_baud fixed in libedt — would always return 9600 even if different
on newer boards that have BRATE register
– bitload (edt_bitload) fixed -d flag to again work for dv boards (rarely used)
– take.c bytes/sec output would print a negative number if bytes/sec number was
too high, fixed.

– Fixed device driver problem introduced in that was
causing system crashes on some 64-bit Linux systems
– clsiminit: fixed so setup actions are also done if -r (rest)
argument specified.
– pdv_flshow:
* -pdvN_C option now supported to specify unit and channel
* usage message (available by –help) now explains usage fully
* code changed to compile on Ubuntu 8.04
* compiler warning about deprecated cast fixed
– camconfig: fixed issue which sometimes prevented script from
running on Linux.
– changes to reduce numerous compile warnings

– Aggrgate changes, tested for production release

V. (release candidate)
– Support for Linux kernel 2.6.25 (Fefora 9, Ubuntu 8, others)
– edt_get_dma_info fixed for solaris and linux
– Scimeasure Lil-Joe 1024 Camera Link config added (Note: SciMeasure
generally supports configs for Lil-Joe camera configs)
– library updated to correctly support Spectral Instruments 800 serial
control (pdv_set_exposure, etc.)

V. (eng)
– initcam: added check for camera link simulator & exit with message since N/A
– added lspci to edt_sysinfo
– new pcie4 dv c-link FPGA file (pedvcamlk32.bit), rev 09 2008/04/07, includes
bit to enable separate triggers on channel 0 and 1
– fixed pdv_flshow exposure increase/decrease bug
– pdv_flshow now checks for uninitialized board and bails out with message
instead of seg-faulting
– si800cl.cfg for Spectral Instruments 800 camera link
– no filesystem (vxworks) updates: pciload now always loads from array (no file
option); also tansparent makefile issues
– fixed xchooser (camera chooser for solaris) for PCIe8 boards
– spectral instruments 800 support

V. (eng)
– added CHANGELOG_PDV.txt to Windows package
– Added README.txt to the pdv_flshow directory
– added redlake es4020 configs
– More PCIe8 DV C-Link hooks (pciload and fpga files)
– MacOS limitation — raised imagesize limit to 512MB in MacOS driver

V. (eng)
– added redlake es3200 configs
– More PCIe8 DV C-Link hooks (linux driver detect)

V. (eng)
– steve’s changes (?)

V. (eng)
– Updated interface fw (aiagcl4.bit) for PMC DV FOX, enables rcxload
– bitload from prom code and PCI FPGA added for PMC DV FOX (custom, cust.-specific)

– completed support for PMC DV FOX (added aiagcl4 bitfile)
– Updated flash files for pci dv c-link (pdvcamlk2_3/5v.bit)
(pedvcamlk32.bit); adds CL_CFG2 register; update your PCI FPGA using
pciload and set bit 0 (config directive CL_CFG2_NORM: 01) to enable
separate external trigger inputs/outputs on the two channels
– New flash file for pcie4 dv c-link — same as above except separate
triggers are on by default (no CL_CFG2_NORM). Note that this functionality
will be updated to match the behavior of the PCI version in a future rev.
– Fixed triggered mode bug introduced in — the addition of
expexsync had broken functionality for triggering a camera from the
– fixed pciload for pcie4 dv c-link (not working in
– added ROI / clip first line in dt3100-30t.cfg — was in all the other
dt4100 configs, possible cause for occational out of synch problems
with this camera/mode

V. (eng)
– Hitachi KP-F500 configs
– Install tells user to reboot
– updated PCI DV C-LINK FPGA to pdvcamlk-36; changes default ROI behavior;
– PMC DV FOX support
– Fixed PCIe8 DV C-Link hooks

V. (eng)
– updated pdvk_3v/5v.bit to what was previously called pdvkkla_3v/5v.bit
won’t pad if missing data unless bit 0x80 in CL_CFG_NORM is set
– added hooks for PCIe8 DV C-Link

– Fixed serial_waitc — wasn’t working on Windows OS versions
– Added trigdiv config directive; sets PDV_TRIGDIV register; applies only to
DV C-Link, if flashed w/pdvcamlkXX_ltrig.bit (linescan/encoder cameras/apps)
– Updated included libtiff library to version 3.8.2
– Fixed linux fltk install script; would install fltk even if already there
– MacOS 10 driver package added to distribution
– Added expexsync directive, to enable 15 clock trigger with FRENA on c-link
– Aggregate changes since last production release (v4.1.5.4)

V. (eng)
– added filter in pedvcamlk32_ltrig.bit (special line scan encoder FPGA) for
RS422 opto coupler trgiger in boards PCIe DV C-Link boards that have that
option (board pn 019-02906-10)

V. (eng)
– Updated pedvcamlk_ltrig bitfile, includes encoder skip reg (linescan only)
and PDV_TRIGDIV register (see edtreg.h) for line scan encoder pulse skipping
— run pcilod pedvcamlk_ltrig to re-flash the prom if you have a linescan
camera and need to use this new functionality (not recommended otherwise).
– Fixed Bayer interpolation bug (bright value ‘blooming’ on linux/solaris)
– updated PCI DV C-LINK FPGA to pdvcamlk-35; fixes FMRATE_ENABLE method for
sending continuous triggers from the board. Ref. method_frame_timing,
– added support for PCO 1600 camera
– updated initcam (pdv_initcam) to deal with serial_binit grouped binary,
now sends each space-separated group of bytes as one cmd, doesn’t require
individual bytes to be separated, only individual commands for writes
– fixed crash bug in readcfg (initcam) on > ~100 chars in init string

V. (eng)
– END-OF-LIFE for FOI/RCI products, no longer supported this version fwd

– Added Dalsa spyder & PII configs w/special linescan directives,
specifc to pedvcamlkXX-ltrig.bit
– dvinfo added check for active pclock before running cl_logic
– Changes to low-level driver to make it thread-safe when accessing the
remote FPGA register set (large ioctl transactions are still thread-unsafe
and that will be addressed soon in a later driver.)

V. (eng)
– Added Dalsa spyder & PII configs w/special linescan directives,
specifc to pedvcamlkXX-ltrig.bit

V. (eng)
– Added Dalsa PII configs w/special linescan directives, plus
pedvcamlk32_ltrig.bit for external line & frame encoder functionality
– FOI / RCI END OF LIFE, for real this time

V. (eng)
– Added Redlake ES2020 configs
– Added FCi4 config
– dvinfo added check for active pixel clock on camera link boards

V. (eng)
– Added timeout to cl_logic so if cam isn’t freerunning it won’t hang and
leave camlkla flashed (also updated dvinfo accordingly)
– removed README.clsim_registers and README.send_tiffs (that info is now
in the CLS manual)
– fixed pdv_auto_set_timeout to correctly incorporate pclock_speed in its
calculations and reduce excessive timeouts when set

V. (eng)
– added Redlake ES16000 configs

– tested for production release

V. (release candidate)
– Bitload -d . fixed
– Added README.clsimint README.clsim_registers for PCI DV CLS (camera
simulator board)
– aggregate engineering release changes since last release (

V. (eng)
– fix in libpdv.c: pdv_is_simuator; now correctly detects PCIe simulator board
– AND added pedvclsim.ncd bitfile to dist.
– added support configs/bitfiles for TVI Xiimus 4096 including opto coupler
encoder inputs

V. (eng)
– initial support for PCIe DV C-Link (PCI Express), inc. pciload and clink_tester
– a few more Imperx configs, ES11000 single channel config

V. (eng)
– added new Imperx VGA210 configs; mostly more single channel (for slow busses)

– encompassing aggregate engineering release changes

V. (release candidate)
– fixed pciload verify problems in interim versions after
– added pp (ping-pong) dvcl bitfiles, both for pdvcamlk2 and pdvamlk
– new subroutine: pdv_cl_camera_connected, checks for active pixel clock,
depends on new std camera link bitfiles pdvcamlk & pdvcamlk2 (FPGA rev 34,
11/2/06 or later, also updated this pkg); that has new UTILITY reg bit
lets PIXELSPERLINE increment regardless of LV
– dvinfo fixes from (eng) (cl_logic bitfile reload)
– added cl_check_gap to linux & solaris distributions (also a dvinfo issue)

V. (eng)
– added config for Imperx IPX-11M5-L mono 12 bit camera
– new pdvcamlk2_3/5v.bit PCI FPGA file, for rev 52 and higher boards. combined
with rev 52+ HW ECO results in reduced clock ringing on certain cameras. rev
52+ boards can use older PCI xilinx bitfile but not vice versa
– updated std pdvcamlk_ FPGA (to rev 33), to add CL_CFG_NORM RGB SWAP bit for
RGB CCDs, bit 0 renamed BGR; run pciload update & set both bits for RGB CCDs
– several updates and fixes to dvinfo & countbits for much improved diagnostic
– added internanlly generated external trig and strobe output functionality on
PCI DV FOX / RCX C-Link, with config and dvfox bitfile for same w/imperx
vga210 (special but could apply to other cams)
– added Imperx VGA210-L and -LC CC triggered config files, & updated other IPX
configs’ serial init to make sure trigger state gets set as expected on init
– simplest_take.c open comment in arg check; fixed
– added pclock_speed to Redlake ES1100 configs, to reduce excessive timeout
waits in the event of data loss
– removed edt_p->edt_p pointer, effectively end-of-lifing the SDV (sbus digital
video) backwards compatability

Software/Driver version (production release update for solaris/linux)
– critical install (solaris) and serial (solaris and linux) bugs fixed
– bayer 8 and 10 bit generic camera link configs added — see generic*bcl.cfg

Software/Driver version (product release for windows)
– fixed uncommanded stop of streaming video bug in pdvshow that showed up
sometime after last production release (
– fixed file save dialog, which had lost its file format options and automatic
file extensions somewhere along the way
– added some extra error checking to initcam and pdv_initcam (bad pointers,
invalid critical config values) and warnings for same
– pciload verify now skips the rest of verify if PROM/File ids differ

Software/Driver version (eng)
– reshuffled pdvplus C++ to bring pdvshow (Microsoft MFC) and pdv_flshow
(FLTK toolkit) display programs more in line. – removed wintake for windows,
jshow and pdvj for Linux. The pdv_flshow will be the default display program
for Linux now.
– libpdv.c: added assert to ensure correct behavior of edt_get_msg, and fixed
small memory leak
– pdv.c: fixed bug where memory out of bounds was being accessed
– pdvterm.c: compiler warning fixes
– extbdid now ignores all but lower 4 bits of value from id register
– updates to edt_net_msg, edtlog (now uses pthreads), edtmsg
– generate_image now can do images with depth = 2 or 3 (-d 2 or -d 3)
– added 2×2 binned config for redlake es11000

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– ping-pong/variable functionality added (specialty)
– pdv_enable_roi() fixed for camera link (disable didn’t work, now does)
– pdvcamlk bitfile updated from v4.1.2.1 version to conform to std. naming
convention for pciload and clsim
– Fixed pid and dma pointers on ctrl-c for linux — effected for dual
simultaneous camera ops on DVCL/DVFOX
– RCI/FOI support put back in
– changed debug trace to all be on channel 0
– Numerous changes/updates to subroutine comments in library files (libpdv.c,
libedt.c, etc) to add Doxygen integration for in-place Documentation.

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– Updated all es11000 configs to match actual full size of 4008×2072
– added 3×3 binned es11000 config
– added dalsa D4 1044 sensor configs
– added Imperx CL adapter for Dalsa 1m15p config file (not sure if it works
so far)

Software/Driver version (production release)
– production release

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– missing mlock in linux driver causing intermittent crashes, fixed
– misc fixes to redlake es11000 config files
– initcam serial_init functionality modified to take multiple/agregate
serial_init directives and backslash-escaped ‘\:’ (for pulinx accupixel cmds);
some pulnix config files modified accordingly
– preliminary driver support for PCIe (dvcl and dvfox)
– RCX C-Link firmware/blink codes updated (see Updating the Firmware, above)
– new PCI DV C-Link firmware (non-critical — minor change to accomodate RCX
module FW updates via std. C-link boards not just DVFOX)
– rcxmake lib dependencies removed (edt internal only)

Software/Driver version (production release)
– new subroutine pdv_timeout_restart added to library and simple_take rewritten
to show example use; improves multi-chan. operations & resets on C-Link & FOX,
– new FIFO reset code on PCI DV FOX (dvtlk4 bitfile); improves multi-ch.
operation and resets
– pdv_setup_continuous_channel, pdv_flush_channel_fifo obsolete
– serial_init config directive can now use a backslash to escape a colon (‘:’)
which will otherwise used as a command separator, for cameras that use colons
in their commands, e.g. serial_init: “CMD\:ARG1:CMD2\:ARG2”
– rcxload updated to fix problems running on Intel (Windows & Linux) systems
– support for master/slave triggering of mutliple channels, including new
config directive slaved_trigger
– pkgs were still shipping w/ driver; not a major issue
but still… fixed

Software/Driver version (interim release)
– v4.1.1.8 still shipping with v4.1.1.4 WinXP driver, fixed
– pdv_get_exposure didn’t always return correct value if MCL, fixed
– pdvk firmware special rev added to flash for kla
– rcxload and RCX firmware update files added
– simplest_take made simpler yet
– Redlake ES11000 color configs added (RGB and Bayer)

Software/Driver version (production release)
– New Atmel Aviiva SM2 linescan configs (added 1 line, 8-bit and pw)
– Field interlace RGB deinterleave method added
– tested for production release

Software/Driver version
– testing aggregate for production release

Software/Driver version
– Backed out timeout_cleanup on overruns in take/simple_take, not always
– Fixed take.c output error when 24 bit images; compares bytesread w/dmasize
not imagesize
– Fixed devlink.tab error that caused no-attaches on solaris
– Added pcidv cls id to attach list/devlink.tab files for solaris
– Support for 2.6.14 linux kernel

Software/Driver version
– Added workaround for Linux 2.6 kernel crash bug on Intel EM64T
– Added 8-bit versions of config files for Illunis XMV 4020

Software/Driver version
– too many config files problem in solaris camconfig, fixed
– camera support: drs nytech u6000 infrared

Software/Driver version
– dvinfo expanded output
– take and simple_takes now do check for overruns

Software/Driver version
– Fixed problem under linux causing occasional DMA lockup
– Illunis single channel config files
– Problem with browser access to manuals on cdrom, fixed
– Changes for Microsoft certification (preliminary)
– Production release

Software/Driver version (eng)
– Support for memory > 4GB w/64 bit Linux
– Bad cl data path set of #channels in v4.0.0.3-, fixed

Software/Driver version (beta) (inc. changes in non-prod v4.0.0.3 & .4)
– Multi-channel FIFO flushing issues fixed, to improve reliability when 2
base cameras on one PCI DV C-Link, and multiple cameras on FOX/F2-4
– Illunis XMV 4020 color and triggered configs added
– ext. trigger pins for PCI DV FOX B/D channels were swapped, fixed in
PCI flash PROM — RECOMMEND PCI DV FOX customers run ‘pciload dvtlk4’ to
update the board’s flash PROM
– Bigmem (>4MB) support for Linux added
– Multi-channel capability for PCI DV FOX/RCX LVDS/RS422 versions
– -O option added to initcam (redirects console output to a file)
– pdv_serial_prefix (lib) and serial_prefix (config) added
– serial_aperture obsoleted (config directive and pdv_ lib subroutine)
– pulnix 6740 support
– fixed intermittent serial initialization problem on DV FOX when no explicit
serial_baud in config file

Software/Driver version
– Imperx LYNX model camera configs added
– PCI DV FOX full 2-4 channel functionality added, including -B (no bitload)
for initcam, initcam bitload for channel 0 only, name munge for aiag(cl)1/4.
RECOMMEND PCI DV FOX owners run ‘pciload dvtlk4’ to update the board’s flash
– END-OF-LIFE for PCI FOI/RCI products, no longer supported this version fwd
(replaced by PCI DV FOX/RCX)
– Library changes to support Linux Fedora core 4

Software/Driver version
– sysinfo renamed to edt_sysinfo
– Incorporated/tested all ER changes in and later for prod. release

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– Re-fixed linux events
– Added simplest_take — stone simple application starting point, no piplining

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– Increased max buffer size in Windows driver from 64Mb to 1GB.
– Added frame count functionality to PCI DV FOX FPGAs

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– pdv_serial_binary_command_flagged/PCI DV-FOI (sends ct not t) fixed
– event function broadcast bug fixed for linux (might miss some, linux only)

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– PDV-CL2 simulator integrated to readcfg for windows only

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– cameralink framecount register/logic CHANGED — now 2 bytes, reset
is bottom bit; pdv_cl_get_fv_counter/pdv_cl_reset_fv_counter all done

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– Preliminary support for pdv cl2 simulator board
– fix for occasional problem when region of intrest was same as camera w/h
– frame counter added on PCI DV C-Link

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– initcam bug fixed — would not recognize labels properly (briefly, in
ENG releases and only)
– Support for Solaris 10 added (issue was contiguous memory alloc, resulting
in BIGMEM error)

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– Byte packing option added for RCX/FOX dual channel (mode16)
– Minor adjustments to Pulnix TM-1400cl configs (serial init, hgt FOX packing)
– intro text added to pdv utils command window
– READMEs now legible in Notepad

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– changes to lib affecting reset
– new diagnostic app dvinfo — run dvinfo -h for help
– Pulnix TM-1400cl config added
– edtinfo (replacement for edtdiag) added to pkg
– updated dv and dvk aiag.bit and aig_async.bit, fixed earlier ROI problem
when hactv == width
– clseredt.dll now not clser_edt.dll, goes into windows\system32 for cam apps
– documentation updates (most)
– Integration support for PCI DV FOX / RCX C-Link, including updates to lib
and init apps, fox/cl bitfiles, and cameralink .cfg files
– Various improvements to serial_cmd app (output formatting buffer allocation)
– Enhanced support for Dalsa Piranha II (configs for more sizes/models)
– Support for Imperx IPX-2M30
– Support for Hamamatsu 9312SK xray panel
– Removed 256 byte limit for serial, should now be okay up to 65535 bytes.
– new diagnostic application, cl_speed (check bandwidth on camera link)
– new diagnostic application, cl_logic (camera link camera logic analyzer)
– Beta support for 64-bit Linux and Solaris
– silicon imaging 480m support added
– internal driver struct mods that WILL CRASH THE DRIVER if apps are run that
were compiled under or earlier

Software/Driver version
– Tested, customer release

Software/Driver version (ENG)
– Piranha 8-bit and 10-bit new/updated configs for various configurations
(2 tap, 4 tap, 10 bit, 2k, 8k)
– DPC updates
– Solaris X/86 now compiled under Solaris 2.8; may or may not be bkwd compat
with earlier versions of Solaris

Software/Driver version
– Atmel M4 linescan camera support added
– Piranha 8-bit 4 channel sw and hw deinterleave fixed for Piranha and Atmel
M4 2k
– Duncantech 30-bit stuck bit bug fixed (pdvamlk_pir firmware)
– Initcam modified to set MODE_CNTL_NORM to reasonable value if not set expl-
icitly, based on method_camera_shutter_timing.
– Initcam modified to set shutter_speed_min/max to default values if not set
explicitly and board shutter method_camera_shutter_timing used (e.g. AIA_MCL
or AIA_MCL_100US)
– Added some new shutter timing methods for Adimec, Sensors Unlimited and some
Pulnix cameras, added directives to match in appropriate camera config files
– Cameralink interrupt on fv variable size images bug fixed (linescan)
– Pantera support (config files) added

Software/Driver version
– clser_edt.dll fix for multiple channels, now works as advertised. that is,
unit * 2 + channel. manual to be updated shortly
– Problem using multiple boards in system dating back to (or
earlier?) fixed

Software/Driver version
– Atmel Aviiva M2 line scan support added
– Linux updated for latest os revs
– Linux check for sources added
– Production release

Software/Driver version
– Redlake ES11000 8-but configs added, level trigger min/max fix for
pdvshow exposure sliders

Software/Driver version
– Adimec 1600m support added
– Hanvision HVDUO3 24-bit support added
– Bitload long filename support
– Addressed bitload stack overflow problem on vxworks
– Redlake ES4.0CL 8-bit support added

Software/Driver version
– aiag.bit upgraded to include triggered mode fixes
– Hamamatsu c7942 xray detector support added

Software/Driver version
– Redlake ES11000 support enhanced to include triggered & level modes
– LHS strobe functionality added for c-link including ES11000

Software/Driver version
– Duncantech MS2150 config files added
– Redlake ES11000 config file added

Software/Driver version
– Hanvision hvduo2-10m updated support
– embedded interface fpga field added, edt_parts.xpn xref for pciload and
bitload; smarts added to sort bitload match to top

Software/Driver version
– (Missing a few entries for changes from to — mostly minor
updates for specific cameras…)
– Added preliminary Hanvision HVDUO2-10M support on PCI DVa
– initcam string directives (e.g. serial_term) now can take hex with <> delims
– Finalized support for embedded code (no filesystem) vxworks — specifically
– added fnal embedded code for initcam, pciload and bitload (applies only to
embedded (no file system) vxworks implementations

Software/Driver version
– Check for serial_waitc added to serial_cmd, serial_waitc functionality enhanced
(new lib call pdv_get_waitc(), new cfg directive serial_waitbyte for hex
– Fixed bad pdvshow memory/cpu leak introduced in (engineering release)
– Added pci dva/rs232-specific kodak xhf config files
– Changed HSS to FOX (mostly internal naming issue)

Software/Driver version
(including changes from
– Removed unneeded multiple status register reads from device driver which
caused some performance degradation (mainly on marginal platforms)
– Added Redlake/Kodak ES 1.0 10-bit continuous mode config files
– Added autonnumber option to file save (option under File menu)
– Fixed pdvshow file save .bmp from 10+bit cameras that got broken sometime
– Pulnix TM4000 camera support added
– Replaced cameratype directives w/ new style info/model in several config files
– Expanded comments to generic config files
– Found/fixed PCI flash update bus number detection bug, which made it
necessary to run pcioad in slow mode on some multi-bus systems

Software/Driver version
– Duncantech MS4000 config files added

Software/Driver version
– Duncantech DT1100 camera support added
– Update PCI DVa to support 2-channel mode with aiag_2ch.bit (temporary
until 1 and 2ch are both combined into aiag.bit)

Software/Driver version
– Pulnix 1010 pulse-width mode cfg file fixes
– Just a few other minor mods/fixes

Software/Driver version
Agregate updates from, including
– Reworked installshield script; no longer requires a reboot, and Manuals
(option) added to std install
– Camera init fix for Duncantech — at initcam time, would only send some
of the init commands
– Misc. Duncantech 2100 config file fixes
– Added pciload -F option, saves esn info in file (primarily for manuf)
– Dalsa 6m3p config file updates
– Updated linux README
– Enhanced Dalsa 1m15 support
– Updates to Basler init support
– Improvements to wintake (windows gui sample program)
– Added “check for overrun” menu item in pdvshow (better recovery from
timeouts with large format cameras)
– Tested for production release

Software/Driver version
– Sensors Unlimited SU320M-1.7RT camera support added (pdva only)
– Dalstar 1m30p various fixes to configs
– DuncanTech DT4000 support
– Fixes to Linux install on other than RH8 systems, and more robust install
failure recovery

Software/Driver version
– Sensors Unlimited SU320M-1.7RT camera support added (pdva only)
– Dalstar 1m30p various fixes to configs

Software/Driver version
– Dalstar 1m15P blacklevel lib support (pdv_set_blacklevel, dv30, pdvshow)
– serial_binit, serial_format directives modified and standardized, now use
pdv_init, pdv_init_hex, pdv_init_baslerf or pdv_init_duncanf; Duncan and
Basler and config files using binary hex init modified to use the new methods
– Kodak 1.6i 8-bit mode config added and 4.2i 8-bit mode config file fixed
(auto shift was wrong leading to offset data)
– Pciload now has ‘-S’ in usage, and suggests its use on failure to load
– Added pcifoi pci firmware bitfiles
– Pciload embedded info (-i option) data input bug fixed

Software/Driver version
– Dalstar 1M15P support
– Toshiba IK-SX1 support
– Pulnix 1040 support was deficient, fixed for 10-bit and 8-bit
– New config file directive: serial_binit for simpler binary init
– Dalstar config files updated to use serial_binit instead of serial_init
– Region of Interest auto-set override bug fixed

Software/Driver version
– Duncantech config fixes, “triggered” mode intended to be “integrate/dump,
independendent” now really is, also 3100 data valid related problems fixed
– pciload serial number string length problem fixed (caused intermittent load

Software/Driver version
– Duncantech 3100 configs/support added, initcam to Dunctan 30-bit mode bug
– Configs for Duncantech 2100 and 4100 series now sets camera to 24 or 30
bits mode
– Fix for ROI bug introduced in v3.2.8.1 (initcam left ROI regs corrupted),
– Frame rate counter setting bug introduced in v3.2.8.1, fixed
– Camera Link generic example configs added

Software/Driver version
– Serial communication problems in PCI DVa version of aiag.bit, fixed
– pciload ‘update’ and ‘verify’ shortcut options added

Software/Driver version
– Duncantech MS4100 configs added
– Duncantech 30-bit bit-order bug fixed
– Indigo Phoenix config added
– New product: PCI DVa, support added

Software/Driver version
– DVC 1312M-CL config added
– Basler L301kc RGB config added
– Pulnix TM-1040 confifg added
– Scimeasure Lil-Joe config added
– Dalsa Pirahna 2 6K config added, firmware files updated
– Illunis MV2000 camera descriptions updated in config files
– Redlake ES 4.0 CameraLink config added
– PCI RCI Model/CameraLink (PCI RCI C-Link System) support added
– Linux Redhat 8 driver support added
– Filename autosequence bug fixed in take
– Firmware for new rev (3v) PCI RCI added to pkg
– PCI DVA support added (prelim)

Software/Driver version
– deinterleave algorithm for Dalsa 2m30P added
– kodak/redlake 10 bit single channel controlled config added
– linux automatic driver loading added

Software/Driver version
– dv30 24-bit display bugs fixed
– camconfig detects board type and shows only those camera entries that
are applicable to the board type installed
– Trigger interrupt event added
– Wintake (simple windows-based capture/display GUI with source) added
– xtest burst-enable bug from previous rev fixed
– generic 14 and 16 bit sample config files added, generic8/10/12 cleaned up
a bit

Software/Driver version
– DuncanTech MS2100 support added
– frame counter added to c-link

Software/Driver version
– added simple_sequence.c example program (acquires a sequence of images, then
optionally saves them as separate files)
– Updated embedded EDT serial number code in pciload to production state,
and also fixed minor printf bug

Software/Driver version
– Fix to pdv_strobe_method (special LH strobe specific)

Software/Driver version
– Narragansett FFM 3020D non-strobe config file added/strobe version renamed
– Spectral Instruments 561 support added (custom)
– Basler A202K support added
– Dalsa CA-D4-1024A support fix for non-binned mode (use Rev01 cable), new
sensor size (1024) mod, and added binned mode config file

Software/Driver version
– Hamamatsu pulse width and triggered mode config info modified to match
Hamamatsu’s names (level trigger, edge trigger, etc.)
– Narragansett FFM 3020D Multi support added
– Board strobe triggering (2nd camera link channel) functionality
added (lhs pdv c-link special)

Software/Driver version
– Dual camera functionality modifications
– pciload was reporting xc2s200 Xilinx as “Unknown” — fixed

Software/Driver version
– Solaris: dv30 timeout cleanup bug fixed
– Hamamatsu pulse width and triggered mode files, delay added for reliability
– Uniq UP610 config file updated to new sensor size

Software/Driver version
– pciload embedded PROM info support added; cleaned up output some more
– Dalsa d1 pulse width mode added, d1, d4 and d7 updated sensor sizes
– pdv_send_break() bug fixed (applies to Spectral Inst. cameras only)
– Hamamatsu 4742-95 controlled and triggered mode configs added
– Dalsa Piranha support added (preliminary)
– pdv_dependent struct added dummy space to
– added embedded version numbers to library and driver (see
edt_get_driver_version/edt_get_library_version in libedt.c)

Software/Driver version
– new camera support: Adimec 1000M
– solaris dv30 user lookup table added (-U option)
– minor pciload output format changes
– dvc camera support bug fix in auto-shift for dv44 and dv/dvk
– board firmware s/n read added to lib (all platforms)
– Modified hc8484 config file to force startup in known operating mode
– ICC MBC200 config files added (14-bit, and 12-bit display demo)
– TI MC1001PF configuration for FOI added
– Initcam auto-shift modified to accomodate new DVC->PCI DVK 12-bit cable
– Updated Dalsa D7 config files for new sensor size, fix trigger problems
– New Pulnix 6710-CL configurations

Software/Driver version
– board firmware s/n read added to lib (solaris only)

Software/Driver version
– byte deinterleave bug introduced in, fixed (affected non-MMX
systems [e.g. solaris] only)
– new camera support — Pulnix TM-1320-15CL
– fix to Hamamatsu C8484 config — serial gain syntax different from 4742-95

Software/Driver version
– New camera support — Atmel Camelia 8M, Delta Design Delmed 2000, Adimec
1000m, Hamamatsu C8484, Infrared Components Corportation MBC 100
– camconfig (Solaris/Linux) updated to properly sort and display the
– Triggered mode bug introduced after, fixed
– pciload firmware update program modified to now output info on protected
sectors as well as unprotected, and allow programming unprotected sector
after booting with strap on

Software/Driver version
– Firmware fix to work around Serverworks chipset problem — see Firmware
Upgrade Instructions (above) or contact EDT for help on upgrading your
board’s PCI firmware
– pciload user entry bug introduced in last build (would always re-burn even
when only asked to verify), fixed
– new pulnix-specific config flags added to fix pulnix pulse-width mode

Software/Driver version
– TI MC-1001PF camera support added
– config file “camera_info” directive added, can be used with camera_model
and camera_class in addition to, but preferably instead of, the cameratype
directive. Application programmers should note that some cameratype
strings in the config files may have changed/may change in the future to
reflect this modification, and should modify any code that depends on
specific values of these strings, to accomodate this change. For more on
this, look at your likely config files and search for “cameratype” in

Software/Driver version
– Hamamatsu 4742-95 12-bit binned mode configs added
– pdv_do_timeout fix: pdv_wait_image wouldn’t return immediately under NT/2K
– camera_model config file flag added and models for some cameras added
to config files, pdv_get_camera_model() added to lib,

Software/Driver version
– Updates/and enhancements to Illunis camera link functionality
– Added support for Silicon Imaging SI3170 Camera Link Camera
– Dalsa CA-D6 and CA-D8 camera support additions & enhancements
– pdv_enable_external_trigger added to pdvlib (and option for it in take)
– serial_cmd no longer traps ‘h’ for help, -r (read-only) flag added
– Several compile time warnings fixed
– simple_bc now ignores bad (negative) reads
– bitload program updated to work with new/future xilinx parts
– pciload updated to handle newer/future xilinx parts, override of default
unit name (i.e. EDT unit other than pdvN) now works
– Several minor compile time warnings in libs, initcam, and bitload fixed

Software/Driver version
– Installation would fail on certain NT machines, fixed
– Fixes/enhancements to Illunis camera link functionality

Software/Driver version
– Filled out camera link functionality (Illunis and pulnix 1020-cl)
– fixed camconfig bug (solaris) — >256 cfg files caused error
– camconfig (solaris) also now sets redirect of output to pdvload.out and
prints only load and ok/fail to console
– pciload source files added; make no longer fails under NT/2000
– Dalsa Spyder 14-bit line scan support added
– Camconfig/DV30 initialization failure bug introduced in, fixed

Software/Driver version
– Incorporation/testing of all changes versions

Software/Driver version (engineering release)
– pciload fast mode core dump, fixed
– Windows install now reminds user to reboot to complete the install

Software/Driver version (engineering release)
– pciload without -u would only recognize unit 0 boards (broken in v3.2.1.2),

Software/Driver version
– Camera link support added
– filename auto numbering and auto extension added to take.c
– pdv_reset_serial added to pdvlib for consistency (calls edt_reset_serial)
– atmel query serial used !=4 which reset to defaults, now uses !=3
which doesn’t
– xtest skips looparound for FOI and C-Link

Software/Driver version (engineering release)
– Non-MMX (pentium II) color interpolation problems, fixed
– Word deinterleave bug introduced in previous rev fixed
– File save introduced in previous rev fixed
– Pciload updated to run with newer (non-pdv) boards, faster by default

Software/Driver version (engineering release)
– DVC config files modifed to use inverted pixel clock (improved reliability)
and use NRR mode (consistency/flexibility)
– aiagi.bit file added for inverted pixel clock and optionally inverted
lv and fv; new directives added to pdv_initcam to set same
– Fixed quadrant_deinterleave bug in
– Fixed missing MMX lib problem in

Software/Driver version (engineering release)
– Enhancements to pdvshow, including dynamic Region of Interest, dynamic
binning, skip-frame, default zoom command line flag, and camera-specific
dialogs for pulinx and dvc
– Added quadrant deinterlave support (special camera)
– Added support for new rev RCI
– Support for DVC 1312
– Enhanced support for Atmel-Grenoble cameras

Software/Driver version
– Added pdv_update_values_from_camera to pdvlib and GUIs (see manual)
– Problems when running as non-adminstrator under Windows, fixed
– Roper Megaplus ES 310 config files all had the same description, fixed
– New config files added to reflect ownership changes: Kodak->Redlake,
SMD->Dalsa, Thomson->Atmel. Old config files remain and are unchanged; new
files are identical to the old except for “cameratype” and “camera_class”.
– Roper ES 310 turbo — added byteswap to config files to correct display on
Solaris machines (Windows already correct and unaffected)

Software/Driver version (and 3.1.6o- engineering releases)
– Windows 2000 model driver added
– Driver fixes (blue/black screen) for bugs introduced in ER 3.1.6c (NT drv)
– bitload optimized, runs much faster (>10x)
– Pdvshow fixes and enhancements: cleaned up menus, added binary option for
serial programming, graceful exit if no board found, detects if already
running, bug fix in image redraw when scrolling or dragging larger
– Software color decoding for DVC 1310C and UNIQ UC-1030 (NT/2000)
– Xillix 1400 camera support fixed and updated
– Dalsa 1M30P support added
– Santa Barbara Focalplane IR camera support
– Library message callbacks for errors, warnings, progress, and debug messages
added to libraries — see edt_error.c and edt_error.h
– Initcam and bitload code moved to edt and pdv libraries, accessible from
user applications — see edt_bitload.c and pdv_initcam.c
– Pulnix TM1020 support added
– Roper MEGAPLUS 320 Turbo support added
– Dv30 now invokes camconfig on startup if not previously run

Software/Driver version 3.1.6c (engineering release)
– DVC 1310c support mod — no longer need different config files for PCI DV
versus PCI DV44
– DVC 1310c support enhancement: s/w color interpolation/display option

Software/Driver version 3.1.6b (engineering release)
– PCI DV44 support added
– Linux driver fixes
– DVC 1310c expanded support
– New NT/2000 icon for pdv utilities

Software/Driver version 3.1.5b (engineering release)
– DVC 1310c support added

Software/Driver version 3.1.5a (engineering release)
– Pdvshow auto numbufs — more buffers allocated by default, auto depending
on camera size (speeds things up especially continuous)
– Buffer timestamp put back in

Software/Driver version 3.1.4
– Customer release of 3.1.3e changes and other minor changes

Software/Driver version 3.1.3e (engineering release)
– Support for Thomson Camelia 4M (monochrome mode) added
– Frame valid interrupt added (see edt_set_event_func(EDT_PDV_EVENT_FVAL))
– simple_fv.c frame valid interrupt example program added (see above)
– Abort code bugs fixed (better recovery from timeouts/errors/cancels)
– Bad last frame bug using ROI with hardware continuous mode fixed
– Added edt_done_count() and edt_get_todo(), to help with recovering
from timeouts or errors. See take.c, simple_take.c and simplest_take.c
for example
– More enhancements to edtdiag (diagnostic dump program) (ongoing)
– Type/class string changes for Kodak 24 bit RGB (was Toucan)
– Update RCI and FOI flash for CE and AIA9 (see section 1, above)

Software/Driver version 3.1.0
– Spectral instruments support added
– Pulnix TM-6710 support added
– ES 4.0 12 bit fix, and ES 4.0 8 bit support added
– Top end continuous mode optimizations for high speed cameras
– edt_set_event_funct(EODMA) bug fixed
– Multiple PCI RCI bug fixes and optimizations
– fixed user_timeout in config file — now persistent through open()s
– Roper (Kodak) hardware 30fps bayer color upgrade added (PCI DV-RGB)
– dv (xview/openwin based GUI) retired — use dv30

Software/Driver version 3.0.9
– Added controlled mode config files for ES 1.0SC and ES 4.0, plus cleanups
and minor fixes to existing ones
– Enhancements to edtdiag program (introduced in 3.0.8a)
– SMD BT25 modifications (init with automatic frame rate slaved to exposure)
– ES 1.0 10 bit fixes — swapped lines and/or columns
– Dalsa CA-D4-A auto deinterleave added
– Camera class parameter added to config files and programming struct
– Fix for rev 30 PCI DV boards w/Hitachi cameras, to eliminate occasional

Software/Driver version 3.0.8a
– SMD BT25 support added
– serial_read bug fixed (no data if trying to read 1, 2 or 4 bytes)
– New instructions for new version of pciload (see UPGRADING THE FIRMWARE,
– Xillix 1400 support added for PCI DV rev 21 and rev 30 boards
– edtdiag diagnostic dump program added

Software/Driver version 3.0.4
– Production support for 4013xla versions of the PCI DV and DVK
– New PCI Xilinx firmware is included in this release. The new firmware
includes a PCI bridge fix that caused problems in some situations when
installing more than one EDT PCI device in a system. Follow the
instructions below to upgrade your card’s firmware.
– Hitachi KP-F100 “frame on demand” (computer controlled shutter) support
– Hamamatsu 4880-8x fixes
– Pulnix 1010 support (RCI only)
– Continuous mode fixes/optimization
– Cincinatti electronics xilinx files updated
– bug fix: take.c program file save of images greater than 8 bits/pixel

Software/Driver version 2.97
– Kodak ES 4.0 functionality added

Software/Driver version 2.96
– Pulnix TM-1300 and TM-9701 support added.
– 155200 baud rate added
– “byteswap: 0” added to Kodak ES 1.0 dual channel cfg file, to handle byte
interleave problems (swapped lines) on some platforms.
– Added query of Kodak exposure, gain, blacklevel, so these values will
be correct in library and GUI apps on start-up.
– Includes v2.95 PCI Firmware update (see below).
– Alpha support for 4013XLA XILINX chips on new rev (22) Boards
– Added EG&G strobe trigger capability (special purpose — contact EDT for details)
– fixed Solaris 2.7 64 bit driver installation bug
– Kodak ES 1.0 10 bit mode bug fix

Software/Driver version 2.95
– Updated PCI Firmware. If you have a board purchased before February 19,
1999, you should upgrade to the new firmware per the instructions in
“UPGRADING THE FIRMWARE” below. If your PCI DV is running smoothly then
this is not strictly necessary, but it’s a good idea nonetheless as the
new firmware contains a fix for a problem that that in some circumstances
would cause data overrun problems.
– Added region of interest capability — see updated user’s guide for details
– Filled out edt_set_event_func capability — see updated user’s guide for
– Added strobe capability (special purpose — contact EDT for details)
– Bug fix — pdv_image, start_image, wait_image didn’t work unless
pdv_multibuf was called first.

Software/Driver version 2.93a
– Fixed driver serial overflow bug (got errors after 2048 bytes)

Software/Driver version 2.93
– Minor bug fix to auto timeout code — now timeout changes by user will
override from then on (until the next initcam or make unload/load)

Software/Driver version 2.92
– Fixed serial initialization problems with Kodak support that cropped up
as a result of SMD changes in previous version (2.91)
Software/Driver version 2.91
– Added SMD 4M4 camera support

Software/Driver version 2.89
– serial_cmd output bug fixed (would overwrite output on screen if camera
put out only CR but no LF like Hamamatsu).
– Added -i (interactive) mode to serial_cmd
– serial_baud 19200 added for irris cameras

Software/Driver version 2.86
– Device driver burst mode optimization added for improved top-end speed
and reliability
– Hamamatsu 4742-95 config file changes
– Fixes to Photonic Science camera gain and exposure functionality

Software/Driver version 2.84
– Fixed file save bug in dv30 and take
– New generic AIA bit file aiag.bit — see application note 008-00983-xx
for details.

Software/Driver version 2.82
– beta 64-bit OS support added

Software/Driver version 2.81
– Added support for Photonics 12 bit, expanded support for Cincinatti
Electronics Irris 160

– Kodak 4.2i config file name change fix

– Minor changes to dv and example programs

Software/Driver version 2.8 9/16/1998
– Major rewrite using optimized, streamlined code, scatter/gather device
driver and many other changes. IOCTL interface changed; if you are using
direct IOCTL calls in your code they will likely still work, but a few
may not. Either way, the ‘C’ library interface is strongly recommended
over direct IOCTL calls. If you are upgrading and don’t have a new manual,
then there will probably be some new routines that aren’t in your manual.
You can download a new manual from the EDT web site or just peruse the
library files (libpdv.c, libedt.c) and example programs (mainly take.c).

– pdv_open function prototype modified to accept just “pdv”, NULL or
INTERFACE (a #define in the header file) as first arg, unit number as
second arg, e.g. “pdv_open(NULL, 0)”. Old way will still works however
(“/dev/pdvN”). PDV_LOCKDEV arg no longer applies, and will be ignored if

– Several cameras added, including Hitachi KP-F100 and Kodak MEGAPLUS ES310.