Installation Instructions

For EDT Visionlink and PCI/PCIe DV series framegrabbers & simulators
Windows 7, 8 & 10, 32 & 64 bit (.EXE File)
Last updated June 29, 2017

If you currently have a PDV package installed, remove it first by running the Windows add/remove (aka Programs and Features) utility.

This version of the PDV driver for Windows has a self-extracting install program. To install the package, download EDTpdv_version.exe to a temporary location on your computer, then execute it. You can optionally choose to install it directly from the web.

The installation creates two icons on your desktop: vlviewer, which launches a GUI application that allows you to configure the device for a specific camera and capture and display images in real time, and the PDV Utilities which launches a Windows command terminal in the installation directory (usually C:\EDT\pdv), providing access to all of the EDT files including
utilities, examples, executables, and libraries. Several README files are also present; for quick start and camera configuration information, see README.pdv. See the users guide for your specific frame grabber or simulator board, see the users guide.

IMPORTANT: If you have any user or 3rd-party applications developed using a pre-5.1.1.x version of the EDT libraries, they MUST be recompiled and re-linked with the libraries / header files in this package in order for them to work with this version of the driver.