MicroTCA high-speed DMA & data processing interface

AMC Main Board

The AMC FX5, for AMC MicroTCA (uTCA), is a main board that provides DMA, memory, and FPGA resources to a mezzanine board such as the EDT DRX Dual IF signal receiver. It has a programmable FPGA (Xilinx Virtex 5 XC5VFX70T or optional 100T) with an on-chip PowerPC 440 CPU and 1 GB DDR2 DRAM SODIMM.

The AMC FX5 provides four 1GbE ports: two on the front panel for 1000 Base-T, and two in AMC ports 0 and 1 for 1000 Base-X. Additionally, in AMC ports 4-11 (the fat pipes region), the board supports PCI Express or ethernet.

The board also has a 1 pps or IRIGB time code input for precise timestamp data.

EDT provides FPGA configuration files. Custom configuration files can be requested.


System must have an AMC bus. See system requirements.


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