Edgeblade SSA 4x10G Data Recorder

Data Storage and Playback Recorder | Telecom | RF

The Edgeblade SSA data recorder is designed for telecom data and signals analysis and storage. It features four independently operable 10Gb port to synchronize or record and playback multiple data streams simultaneously.

The Edgeblade SSA data recorder automatically detects incoming data rates/standards including 10GbE, SONET/SDH, OTU and VITA-49 and recording of data as PCAP for 10GbE streams. The two EDT A5 I/O interfaces include FPGA resources for framing, aligning and descrambling of data streams.

Includes up to 64TB of removable/replaceable NVMe storage.

Features a flexible web-based user interface for both remote and local access, and a full suite of software for importing, exporting, configuring the system, and scripting tasks.

A premier solution for any signals lab or telecom data analysis project.

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