Camera Link frame grabber / fiberoptic extender for PCI

EDT PCI DV FOX Fiberoptic Frame grabber for Camera Link

The PCI DV FOX is a discontinued product, and is no longer supported. This information is provided for reference only.

The PCI DV FOX is a long-range fiberoptic interface that provides high-resolution image capture for Camera Link cameras. It supports one medium- or up to two base-mode cameras, at distances up to 100 kilometers from the host computer.

The board pairs with one or more EDT RCX C-Link adapter modules to convert data from most camera types to fiberoptic cable. Alternately, this fiberoptic interface may be incorporated in the camera.

A typical FOX/RCX C-Link configuration is shown below.

The compact, half-length board fits in any PCI bus. Images are captured and displayed in real time, and camera speed, resolution, and number of buffers are limited only by host bandwidth and memory.

Device drivers and SDK are included for Windows™, Linux, and Mac OS. System must have a PCI or PCI-X bus, 66 MHz or faster (33 MHz will work, but at reduced data rates). See system requirements.


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