High-speed DMA & data processing interface for PCI Express x8

PCIe8 LX Main board
PCIe8 LX Main / Accelerator Board

The PCIe8 LX (for PCI Express) is a main board that provides powerful high-speed DMA, memory, and programmable FPGA resources. It is designed to support any one of numerous EDT mezzanine boards.

The PCIe8 LX has a programmable FPGA (Xilinx Virtex 5 LXT) and synchronous memory of 8 MB SRAM and up to 2 GB 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 DRAM.

The board also has four independent programmable PLL clock generators, which can be set to select frequencies from 1 to 45 MHz with less than +/- 50 ppm error.

An ATA bridge can be used to link two main boards together.

The PCIe8 LX can also be used as a standalone FPGA board for hardware acceleration. In this configuration, a mechanical/fan daughterboard should be used, to provide cooling and mechanical (backpanel) support.


System must have a PCI Express bus (8 or 16 lanes) that is not dedicated to display use only. See system requirements.


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