LVDS / RS-422 to fiber extender

The RCX AIA has been discontinued and is no longer available. For Camera Link, see the RCX C-Link product page. The information on this page is provided for use by existing customers, however our ability to provide ongoing support is limited.

The RCX AIA is a remote camera extension module that adapts AIA (LVDS or RS422) data from a digital camera to fiberoptic cable. Cameras can be located up to 10 km from the host. The module has a 68-pin SCSI-II type connector, to support a wide range of AIA cameras.

A single module can be used to convert the camera signal to fiber, with an EDT direct-from-fiber framegrabber at the computer end. Alternately, two modules can be used to form a fiberoptic extension cord, with one module at the camera and the other at the interface, for use with third-party LVDS or RS-422 frame grabbers.