Wideband recording and playback (10G) system

WRAP 10G server

WRAP 10G is a powerful, flexible computer system that records and plays back up to 10 Gb/s of data acquired through an EDT board. It accepts data in OC3/12/48/192 (STM1/4/16/64), ECL, LVDS, optical or electrical ethernet, or other formats.

The system consists of a 3U EDT computer with 16 qualified and tested disk drives to provide up to 16 terabytes (TB) of storage for greatly extended recording times (see specifications). It includes EDT’s WRAPSODY software (built-in GUI, drivers, application code, and library and software for the record/playback server).

The WRAP 10G can be operated remotely, and it works with virtually any EDT board pair. Optional accessories include a 1U rack-mount console (keyboard/monitor unit) and a WRAP Pack of 16 additional disk drives.