Datacom | telecom

EDT's datacom, telecom, radio, and broadcast video products are designed around a main-board/mezzanine board architecture that gives you the speed and flexibility you need. Choose the mezzanine board with the desired functionality, and a main board that fits your bus architecture, FPGA and memory requirements for the ideal solution for your complex signalling requirements.

Vision | digital imaging

High performance Camera Link frame grabbers and fiber-optic extenders for AIA Camera Link, supporting CMOS and CCD Camera Link cameras on PCI Express, PCI, PMC, and CompactPCI.

General purpose

From large FPGA boards, custom devices and data generators to scanners and DR11-W legacy systems, EDT has a high-speed solution to meet your most demanding I/O and processing needs.

Auxiliary Boards

Time distribution, fan / backpanel, and bridge boards, complimenting EDT's FPGA, accelerator, datacom / telecom and broadcast video products.

Custom Product Development

EDT specializes in circuit board design, layout, prototyping and manufacturing. We have extensive experience in PCI, PCI Express, Micro channel and systems design. We design systems and boards from the ground-up or modify existing products to suit.