EDT Cable Specifications

cables_300EDT provides cables that are built in-house as well as from other manufacturers (e.g. 3M, Nortech/Intercon 1, Cypress Industries, and others). The following are specifications for our in-house cables.


  • Provides connection between EDT DMA boards and and External Device
  • Precision impedance twisted pairs
  • High performance double shielded
  • Effectiveness greater than 60dB to 1 GHz
  • UL List Type CL2
  • 7, 25, and 50 foot lengths
  • Customized features available


The cable assemblies provide a highly reliable and durable connection between the EDT parallel interface card and an external device. The cable assemblies allow faster transmission speeds, lower propagation delay and better controlled impedance than standard multi-pair cables. The cable is UL listed 28 AWG 7/36 tinned copper conductor, surrounded by a polyolefin insulation and PVC jacket. The 68-pin and 80 pin high density end mates with the EDT interface board.

Custom Cables

Custom cables are available from specifications provided by the customer. A one time set-up fee is charged on the initial order. Consult factory for custom cable assemblies and adapters needed to meet different requirements.



Differential: 108 +6/-5
Single Ended: 70 +6/-5

Capacitance (Max)

Conductor to Conductor: 14 pf/ft

Propagation Delay

Pair to Pair Propagation: 0.04 ns/ft
Max: 1.60 ns/ft

Conductor DC-Resistance

@ 20° C Max: 70 Ohms/1,000 ft


@ 50 MHz: .085 db/ft Max


Two 40-pin: 3M .100 x .100 40 contact socket connector (Standard DRllW) with 3M backshell kit 3705-A240

80-pin: Tyco 2 x 40 50-mil pitch connector 749621-8

68-pin: Tyco 2 x 34 50-mil pitch connector 749621-7