Camera Configuration Files

Configuration files for EDT boards are ASCII text files that describe the attributes of the camera and any initialization parameters that need to be set. Config files for new cameras can be created by the user. The typical starting point is with a file for a similar camera; alternately a generic file can be used. Refer to EDT’s Camera Configuration Guide for detailed instructions on creating or modifying configuration files.

Generic configuration files

Generic files are included our software/driver packages (under the camera_config directory), and can be viewed/downloaded from the choices below. To download a file, right-click on the filename and select “Save link as…” or similar from the dropdown menu.

Camera Link, for EDT PCI DV C-Link, PCI DV C-Link/SC, etc.
generic8cl.cfg – for generic 8-bit Camera Link camera
generic10cl.cfg – for generic 10-bit Camera Link camera
generic12cl.cfg – for generic 12-bit Camera Link camera
generic14cl.cfg – for generic 14-bit Camera Link camera
generic16cl.cfg – for generic 16-bit Camera Link camera
generic24cl.cfg – for generic 24-bit RGB Camera Link camera
generic8bcl.cfg – for generic 8-bit Bayer color Camera Link camera
generic10bcl.cfg – for generic 10-bit Bayer color Camera Link camera

AIA (LVDS or RS-422), for EDT PCI DV, PCI DVa, PCI DVK, etc.
generic8.cfg – for generic 8-bit AIA camera
generic10.cfg – for generic 10-bit AIA camera
generic12.cfg – for generic 12-bit AIA camera
generic14.cfg – for generic 14-bit AIA camera
generic16.cfg – for generic 16-bit AIA camera