New Camera Support

Adding framegrabber support for a new camera usually just involves creating a new configuration file. (Extension products such as the RCX C-Link and VisionLink RCX generally do not require any software or other updates to support new cameras.)

A configuration file (sometimes known as a Camera Description File or CDF) is an ASCII text file that describe the attributes of the camera and any initialization parameters that need to be set. Users can create their own files if they know the size, #bits per pixel, number of camera link taps, and any serial commands needed to set desired camera modes. Refer to the links below for detailed information on creating or modifying configuration files.

Due to our long experience with all types of digital cameras, we can usually add support for a new camera in a relatively short period of time, particularly if we have a camera on hand to test. If you are having difficulty creating a configuration file for your camera, contact us and we’ll work with you on it. Note that in some cases it is only be possible for us to help if we get your camera in-house to work with.