Servers, recorders, expansion

Systems, servers, recorders and mass storage units, with the power and resources needed to run I/O-intensive applications in demanding environments.


1U, 9.8 TB data acquisition mass storage unit

WSU1 System The WSU1 is a mass storage unit that transfers data at rates up to 113 Gb/s. It supplies the SNAP1 acquisition unit with greater storage and record-playback time (about 11 minutes at 113 Gb/s). The two units combine to make a complete 115 Gb/s 9.8 TB signal recorder. Continue reading


2U server with ten PCIe slots

XIOS 2U Server 2U rack-mountable server designed for I/O-intensive applications. High-output power supply and up to 10 PCI or PCI Express expansion slots, preconfigured with any combination of high-performance EDT boards. Continue reading