Combo Mezzanine

Combo Mezzanine
E1/T1, E3/T3, ECL interface
  • Sixteen E1 / T1 line interfaces
  • Four E3 / T3 line interfaces
  • Sixteen ECL differential inputs / outputs
  • Large Xilinx FPGA (provided by EDT PCIe8 LX, PCI GS, or PCI SS main board – see details below)
  • Two large synchronous static memory banks or one memory bank up to 1 GB (also provided by main board – see details below)
  • LVDS external clock that can be used to synchronize the output data
  • Sixteen independent DMA channels to host memory
  • Fast transfers using a 66 MHz 32-bit PCI
  • Telecommunications network monitoring
  • Telecommunications switching

The Combo Mezzanine board pairs with a PCI / PCIe main board (EDT PCIe8 LX, PCI GS, or PCI SS). The board pair supports the processing of large amounts of telecom serial or ECL data for complex, user-defined applications. The high-speed 16-channel DMA controller allows flexible access to host memory. The main board supplies the DMA, memory, and programmable FPGA resources (see ordering options below); EDT provides FPGA configuration files.

PCI / PCIe bus compliance Related to main board; see datasheet / specifications for the main board you are using.
UI FPGA (main board) PCI SS: Xilinx XCV1000E or optional XCV600E, XCV2000E
PCI GS: Xilinx XC2VP50 or optional XC2VP70
User definable LED
Debug connector, 20-pin .100″ x .100″ square pins, two rows
Memory (main board)
Local PCI SS: Two 256K x 36-bit word synchronous static RAM or optional no RAM, 512K x 36-bit word RAM, or 1M x 36-bit word RAM
PCI GS: 1M x 36-bit word synchronous static RAM or optional 2M x 36-bit word RAM (with XC2VP70)
Dynamic PCI GS: 200-pin SODIMM socket for optional DDR memory module. Up to 1 gigabyte.
  • Sixteen differential ECL signals; input or output in groups of four
  • Standard ECL signal levels, terminated through 50 ohms to -2V
E3 / T3
  • Transformer coupled
  • Four independent E3 / T3 interfaces
  • Jumpers select input / output or both on eight differential connector pins
  • 75-ohm coaxial cable over 1100 feet at speeds up to 51.84 MB per second
  • Compliant with ANSI T1.102-1993, Telcordia GR-499-CORE and G.823 for jitter tolerance
  • B3ZS or HDB3 encoder/decoder
E1 / T1
  • Sixteen independent input / output E1/T1 interfaces
  • Jumpers select input / output or both on 16 differential connector pins
  • 1.544 MB per second (T1), 2.048 MB per second (E1)
  • Waveforms meet G.703 and T1.102 specifications
  • Exceeds transmit return loss specification ETSI ETS-300166
  • Jitter attenuation
  • Transmit return loss exceeds ETSI ETS 300166
  • HDB3 or B8Zs encoder/decoder
  • Analog / digital and remote loopback
External connectors High-density 68-pin AMP™ connector (part number 787169-7)
High-density 15-pin AMP™ receptacle (part number 748390-5)
Physical  Dimensions: 4.2″ x 6.6″


Operating: 0° to 44° C
Non-operating: -40° to 70° C
Heat output: TBD
Operating: 1% to 90% non-condensing at 40° C
Non-operating: 95% non-condensing at 45° C
Power 2 amps at 5V

Device drivers for Windowstm and Linux are included with the purchase of the Combo Mezzanine. Contact us about other operating systems.


EDT provides several levels of customer support, from phone consultation to custom design of hardware, firmware, or software, at hourly rates. Technical support is also provided though the Support section of this web site.

Third-party support

Technisys, Inc. provides a family of interface panels designed to provide an easy and economical method of interfacing to the EDT Combo Mezzanine and other EDT products. See their web site,


Ordering options are only on the main board and are listed below. To order, contact our sales department or your distributor. Be sure to specify which cable (if any) will be needed.

Main board options
PCI SS main board with…
FPGA (Xilinx Virtex™-E): XCV600E / XCV2000E
Static memory (RAM): None / 512K x 36-bit word / 1M x 36-bit word


PCI GS main board with…
FPGA (Xilinx Virtex™-II Pro): XC2VP50 / XC2VP70
Static memory (RAM): 1M x 36-bit word (XC2VP50) / 2M x 36-bit word (XC2V70)
Dynamic memory (RAM): None / 1 gigabyte DDR


PCIe8 LX / FX / SX main board – for options, contact EDT.

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