ECL / LVDS-E / RS422-E Mezzanine

ECL Mezzanine
ECL, LVDS-E, or RS422-E interface with E1/T1 option

The ECL / LVDS-E / RS422-E is a mezzanine board that pairs with an EDT main board (for PCI or PCI Express) for high-speed data transfer. This “E-series” board can be ordered ECL, LVDS or RS-422 inputs/outputs in groups of four, with an E1/T1 option.

Each channel of the ECL / LVDS-E / RS422-E board can input or output a signal on the edge of the associated clock, and the data is stored in or sent from host memory via DMA for a simple, flexible data transfer solution.

Also available is an earlier “non-E” LVDS/RS422 board (identifiable by the absence of a fan), which does not support ECL or E1/T1 and works only with a PCI SS or PCI GS main board. Applications designed for this “non-E” board require different configuration files and minor program changes to work with the “E” board, as detailed in the manual.

For details on system requirements and EDT-provided software driver packages, see specifications for your EDT main board (PCIe8 LXPCI GS, or legacy PCI SS).


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