1U rackmount PCIe expansion system | PCI Express 2.0

The EXP4 is a 1U rack-mountable expansion system that provides four PCI Express (2.0) 8-lane expansion slots, each supported by a 16-lane connector, for up to four PCIe 2.0 boards. The physical boards can be 1-, 4-, 8-, or 16-lane; however, the maximum number of lanes implemented is eight.

The unit can be used to add slots, or to accept high-power boards that are not supported by typical host servers.

The back panel provides one serial diagnostic interface and two PCIe 2.0 x8 host ports The four expansion slots can be connected to the two host ports in any configuration: two on each port; three on one port and one on the other; or all four on one port. The front panel provides an LED that displays green for normal operation, yellow for standby power, or red for faults.

The EXP4 has a removable 600-watt power supply, upgradable to 850 or 1100 watts, and a one-meter PCIe x8 host cable with adapter. As an option, an additional cable-adapter assembly is available for dual host operation.

The case is 17 inches wide (to fit a 19-inch rack) but only 20.5 inches deep – ideal for shorter rack depths. Rack-mount slides are included.

EDT software enables the user to control the fan speed (to adjust noise level versus cooling level) and monitor internal system parameters (voltage, temperature, and power).


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