PCI digital video interface for Camera Link

This PCI DV C-Link/SC has been discontinued. The information on this page is provided for reference only.

The PCI DV C-Link SC provides high resolution image capture for Camera Linkā„¢ monochrome and color digital cameras. A single MDR 26 pin connector (Camera Link standard) is provided, for one base mode camera. (For dual base or medium mode cameras, choose the PCI DV C-Link).

The PCI DV C-Link SC is a dual channel DMA interface, with 220 megabytes per second capability in a 66MHz slot, or 117 Mb/sec in a 33Mhz slot. Spatial and depth resolution and the number of buffers are limited only by the host memory. Images can be captured and displayed in real-time. The compact, 1/2 length board fits in any PCI slot. Device drivers and software are included with the board, including drivers for all supported operating systems, C language libraries, utilites, examples, camera configuration files, and image capture/display GUI.

Most base mode Camera Link cameras can be used with the PCI DV C-Link/SC. Go here to see the list of cameras that have been tested, and configuration files created for at EDT labs.