PCIe4 DVa C-Link

PCIe4 DVa C-Link
Camera Link frame grabber for PCI Express / x4

The PCIe4 DVa C-Link is a Camera Link frame grabber that provides high-resolution image capture for digital video. It has two MDR 26-pin connectors to support one full or medium- or up to two base-mode cameras. The PCIe4 DVa C-Link supports the standard mode control lines, has an on-board UART for camera control, external trigger inputs, and Power over Camera Link (PoCL).

The compact, half-length board fits in any 4-, 8-, or 16-lane PCI Express bus. Images are captured and displayed in real time, and camera speed, resolution, and number of buffers are limited only by host bandwidth and memory.


System must have a PCI Express bus (4, 8, or 16 lanes) that is not dedicated to display use only. See system requirements.