Fiber optic Camera Link frame grabber for PCIe / x4

The PCIe4 DVa FOX has been discontinued. Equivalent functionality can be achieved by using RCX C-Link module pairs with the new VisionLink series framegrabber boards.

The PCIe4 DVa FOX is a fiberoptic input frame grabber board for Camera Link digital cameras. One, two or potentially four cameras can be remotely located up to 300 meters from the host computer using standard transceivers, up to 10 kilometers with the extended range option, or even 100 kilometers with special-purpose fiber and transceivers.

The PCIe4 DVa FOX occupies one 4, 8 or 16-lane PCI express slot of the host computer.An EDT RCX C-Link module converts the Camera Link signals from most digital cameras to fiber optic cable. Alternately, this fiber optic interface may be incorporated in the camera — contact EDT if you are interested in incorporating the fiber optic interface into your camera.Each camera must have its own fiber optic interface through which it can communicate with the PCIe4 DVa FOX in the host computer.

The PCIe4 DVa FOX can be used as an input board for RCX C-Link (Camera Link) fiberoptic modules, as in the following block diagrams:

The above are only some of the example configurations, others are possible including directly from a camera with fiber output. See the separate RCX C-Link datasheet for more details on on the modules and possible configurations.

Most camera link cameras are supported or supportable when using an RCX C-Link module at the camera end, see the module datasheet and camera link support for details.


System must have a PCI Express bus (4, 8 or 16 lanes) that is not dedicated to display use only. See system requirements.


To order, contact our sales department or your distributor. Ask for the PCIe4 DVa FOX plus RCX C-Link module. Ordering options include:

  • Number of modules needed
  • Camera Link mode and clock speed
  • Memory option (see datasheet)
  • 7-pin LEMO for IRIGB or External trigger
  • Range/wavelength option (standard/850 or extended/1310)
  • Number of fiber optic inputs for FOX board (1, 2, 3 or 4)

It is also helpful to know which camera is being interfaced to.


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