Camera Link simulator over PCI Express Gen1

The PCIe8 DV CLS is a Camera Link simulator that generates simulated image data. It uses an easily modified text-based configuration script that describes the timing parameters of the camera to be simulated.

Known image data allows easy debug of interface application code, and system debug when target camera is unavailable.

The PCIe8 DV CLS has no frame buffer memory; image data is sent via DMA from host memory as required by the application. Internal counters can be used an alternative source of image data.

C language libraries allow the user to define appropriate responses to UART commands from the interface. Line and frame triggering are supported over camera control lines.

The PCIe8 DV CLS is shipped as a simulator, but it converts to a frame grabber with a simple firmware reload. Once converted, it operates as specified on the PCIe8 DV C-Link datasheet.

System must have a PCI Express bus (16 or 8 lanes, or an 8-lane physical slot wired as a 4-lane with reduced maximum performance) that is not dedicated to display use only. Software is included for Windows and Linux; to ask about other operating systems, contact EDT.

* The newer “DVa” version (PCIe8 DVa CLS) is functionally backwards compatible with this legacy “DV” version; any applications developed for the latter will work unmodified with the former.