RCX C-Link Coax2

RCX C-Link Coax2
Camera Link to coax extender - base mode

The RCX C-Link Coax2 is a legacy product, available for sale and support to existing customers only. For new implementations, see the RCX C-Link (fiberoptic extender) page.

The RCX C-Link Coax2 is a remote camera extension module that adapts Camera Link data from a digital video camera to coaxial cable. It provides long range location of the camera, up to several hundred meters from the host computer depending on the specifications of the coaxial cable.

The RCX C-Link Coax2 is similar in size to a a standard Camera Link cable backshell. Two SMA connectors provide connectivity for two 50-ohm coaxial cables for receive and transmit. If camera control (serial, CC lines and trigger) is not needed, a single coaxial cable can be used.

Two modules connected by a pair of coaxial cables make up an extended-length cable between a base mode Camera Link camera and a camera link frame grabber. Cameras outputting 8-16 bits @ up to 60 MHz, or 24 bits @ up to 40 MHz are supported.


Note: The Coax2 versions of the RCX C-Link have some limitations compared to the fiberoptic counterparts. There are no thumbscrews so an alternate attachment method will be necessary. Camera pixel clocks speeds of up to 60 MHz and 16 bits supported (as opposed to 80/24 with the fiber version). The maximum distance (approximately 600 feet) is shorter than with the fiber versions. Only Camera Link Base mode is supported, not Medium or Full. And there is no direct-to-framegrabber option like there is with the EDT FOX series boards. The Coax2 is intended primarily for applications where coaxial is the preferred transport medium and the aforementioned limitations are not a problem. In any other case, we recommend the fiberoptic versions.