2U rackmount server | 10 PCI Express 2.0 slots

XIOS 2U is a 2U server designed for I/O-intensive applications. It provides ten PCIe slots with cooling and power to support an average of 45 watts per slot.

The XIOS 2U has one CPU module, two removable I/O modules, and four removable 2.5″ disk drives. Each of the three modules carries its own cooling fan and temperature sensor.

The PICMG 1.3 CPU module has one Intel Xeon 5410 single or dual quad core processor, plus rear-panel I/O and two PCIe x8 slots. Each I/O module carries a set of four additional slots; each set can be either all PCIe (8-lane) or all PCI-X (32-bit, 66 MHz).

The two I/O modules are offset to allow unique exit paths for the high volume of cooling air.

The front panel has four ports (two USB, one I/O, one audio output); a power switch; a status LED; and access to the DVD and removable disk drives. The rear panel has six ports (two RJ45 for 10/100/1Gb ethernet,two USB, one serial, one audio output); a power connector; and a 15-pin D-sub miniature VGA.

Each of the four disk drives is either 250 or 500 GB, and can be configured as a RAID using selected OS software. The server accepts EDT or thirdpartyboards. It comes with a DVD and handles; slides are optional.

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