DR11W parallel interface for PCI

The PCI 11W is a discontinued product, and is no longer supported. This information is is provided for reference only.

  • Single PCI bus Slot
  • Rates to 8 megabytes per second
  • Compatible with PCI platforms running Windows and Linux
  • Other operating systems can be supported supported — contact us for info
  • Supports all standard DR11W Modes except byte writes
  • Supports additional buffered block modes with internal FIF0
  • Programmable Configurations
  • 4 Gigabyte DVMA Addressing
  • Up to 250ns per 16-bit word DR11 Cycle Time
  • Device drivers for Windows and Linux

The PCI 11W provides a high speed single slot parallel interface for PCI bus computers. The parallel interface conforms to the Digital Equipment Corp. DR11W. This interface is used for computer to computer or computer to device connection where speed is essential. The PCI 11W will support 8 Megabyte per second transfers.


The PCI 11W may be used to enable the transfer of data to or from PCI bus computers running Linux or Windows. Typical applications include graphics displays, A-D and D-A converters, disk drives, and telemetry and control systems.


Device drivers for supported operating systems are included with the board, as well as several utility and example programs and a C language interface library.

  • Precision impedance cables in 7,25, and 50 foot lengths
  • Cable adapters
  • Loopback diagnostic connector kit

PCI bus Compliance

PCI 2.1s
32 bits

DR11W Compliance

      • Programmed I/0, DMA Block Transfer, DMA non-block transfer
      • Max 8 megabytes/sec transfer speed (depends on device, host load and block size)
      • Block transfer FIFO-512 bytes in and 512 bytes out
      • AMP 787190-8 high-density (80 pin) connector*, mates with AMP 749621-8 (backshell 749196-2)
      • Programmable control signals (defaults to DR11W standard)
      • Programmable handshake timing
      • Positive data polarity
      • Jumpered override of busy polarity software switch
      • *Manufactured by AMP Int. 1-800-522-6752



Operating: 10° to 40° C
Nonoperating:-20° to 60° C


Operating: 20% to 80% noncondensing @ 40° C
Nonoperating: 95% noncondensing @40° C


Single standard PCI bus slot
Dimensions: 3.3″ x 5.780n x 0.5″
Weight: 6oz


2A @ 5 volts


Device drivers for Linux and Windows
Standard read/write system call support
Asynchronous I/0 support for continuous transfers


To order, contact our sales department or your distributor. Be sure to specify which cable will be needed (if any).


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